Updated: 07/18/2014 10:45
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The latest updates about the maintenance of Devel Union, the SolidTrustPay deposits at AuGoldPartners and the promotion of Genial Stock Exchange.

Let us share the latest news from the HYIPs online. There haven't been much of updates recently. As summer moves on the HYIP industry is slowing down. It basically affects the news policy of HYIP programs working online. Nevertheless there are some updates from HYIPs monitored and others and we are pleased to deliver the news about them at your attention.

First of all, there is some news update from Devel Union. The program has experienced some troubles with the website access, which as reported have been caused by the technical maintenance on the servers of the project. By now the technical works have been completed and the website of Devel Union is back accessible. There are no limits for accessing the site. Despite the site is back to work there may be certain errors when accessing members' accounts. If anything like that happens, the members are prompted to contact the support immediately.

Another update has been posted by the AuGoldPartners. The admin of the program has updated the members about the main terms of investing to the program via SolidTrustPay. The main news here is that officially business account of AuGoldPartners has been verified. The deposits though are processed manually. Anyone willing to make a deposit to AuGoldPartners via STP should contact the admin in the Live Chat, which has been added recently. The new feature of Live Chat is supposed to enjoy wide popularity among the customers of the program. The Chat box can also be used for chatting between the members as well as for asking questions to the admin of the site.

And finally i would like to share the latest update from Genial Stock Exchange. The project has been 56 days online. The project aims to become the most profitable and reliable source of income both for active investors and promoters of the project. The admin has developed a series of promotional tools starting from the ready-made html promo mail sample, ending with the list of TOP investors. For customers' convenience there is a promo kit Stock Great available and if anyone has any questions on how to use it or any other promotional materials, one is free to contact the support at any time.

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