Updated: 03/05/2016 08:36
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latest hyip news digest march 05 2016
Check latest news digest, learn of Captais Fund representative program launch, CryptoInvestGroup Firefox issue and debit card release, Coince milestones
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Check latest news digest, learn of Captais Fund representative program launch, CryptoInvestGroup Firefox issue and debit card release, Coince milestones

Another news digest with the latest news from the HYIPs online is provided at your attention below. First of all the admin of Captains Fund HYIP, listed at HYIPNews informs of the launch of the country representative program, aimed to provide the services of the company all over the world. As per the terms, any user with the active deposit of $20 or more is eligible to become the country representative. Representatives get extended referral reward of 10% instead of 5% earned by regular partners. More details about how to become a country representative of Captains Fund are given in the Representative section on the website.

CryptoInvestGroup issues the notification for Mozilla FireFox users, reporting that many FireFox browser users have problem with accessing domain Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to Peer's Certificate has been revoked. (Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate) The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. In case you are the one to see this error, you should do the following steps to fix the problem caused by a default setting in Firefox: Got to Settings => Tools => Options => Advanced => Certificates => Uncheck the option that says "Query OCSP responder servers to confirm the current validity of certificates". Once you uncheck the above option, site will load fine without any issues. This problem is only actual for Firefox users. As for other browsers it works fine with no changes necessary to be done.

Another news from CryptoInvestGroup is introducing first and only debit card funded directly by your CryptoInvestGroup balance. TheCryptoInvestGroup Debit Card can be used to shop online, pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide using clients balances in the form of USD, EUR or GBP. There is no need to manually fund cards for each use as funds are situated directly in a user's CryptoInvestGroup wallet. Once the card is used, dollars from the balance are exchanged. These funds are not exchanged before hand, not after but at the time of the transaction. Invest minimum amount of $750 to get the card. To order the card, please send the username, address and phone number to the support e-mail and get your card within 3 business days. Till March 31 the card if free. The only requirement is to have minimum of $750 deposit.

Coince, listed as a Top Performer at HYIPNews, celebrates 1000 since the global Bitcoin investment package has been launched. The admin is extremely proud to announce that Coince is not only the leader in the wholesale electricity market but also the first choice of any Bitcoin investor. Coince guarantees investment with the investors' satisfaction as the main priority. The admin of Coince also recommends every customer to join the Facebook fan page and receive real-time updates from the project. Along with that every customer is free to apply for the position of regional representative to earn extra commission and present Coince as an investment solution to local investors. In the nearest future the good news is adding new features such as compounding option and direct exchange services. More news are yet to come. Stay in touch.

And finally there's a short report from the admin of Investblock admin concerning the SSL issues in last days, due to which visitors were unable to launch the website. He declares those issues have been solved and the website is loading without any problems now on.

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