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latest hyip news digest september 10 2018
Learn the latest news from the hyips, listed at HyipNews, BeKing and CryptoLux, as well the news from the programs not listed online
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Learn the latest news from the hyips, listed at HyipNews, BeKing and CryptoLux, as well the news from the programs not listed online

The start of today's news digest we are starting  with the update from Guru of Finance, the admin of which reported the updates of personal accounts and website. While everything seems to be working fine, all members are kindly asked to send some feedback about the website performance, for the entire team of the project works hard to make the services offered as convenient as possible. Also the Russian localization has been added. Front end and member area are available in Russian. Apart from that due to multiple customers' requests the Russian speaking customer support service has been added.

The BeKing hyip listed at HyipNews for 370 days is now being sticky listed, which means the admin has launched a promo campaign. The reason for that is simple: this project is 1 year online. During this period the financial markets have faced lots of events and changes, which gave the team of the project an opportunity to increase clients' assets more than 7 times, as per the claims made by the admin. Moreover, none of the staff is planning to stop the growth, willing to continue offering best financial services possible.

Since the start of BeKing nearly 53000 customers have invested more than $128 million and withdrew more than $47 million. One of the main goals of the project is to increase the online presence on social media and to add more support services. Online chat and phone support have already been added, the phone is available on the website. Also the Facebook and Twitter pages have been setup, you can access them from the buttons available on the main page of the BeKing official website.

The developers of the project Advancedbit made several updates. Now the site became available in Russian and also the terms conditions for the first two plans have been changed: 2.5% daily for 15 calendar days (deposit at the end of the term) and 7% daily for 20 calendar days (the deposit is included).

Another site - Cryptoflow added Spanish and Chinese localization.

Barrel company stopped working with the AdvCash payment system. Investors with deposits made via this payment system have an option to exchange AdvCash for PerfectMoney in their profiles. At the moment, you can create deposits and receive payments through Payeer, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin, in the future the list will be increased. To date, more than 20,000 investors have joined the project, the administration plans to continue this growth. The longest investment package working for 50 business days have expired.

According to its terms investors were able to receive 500% of the profit. Traditionally, the project is now carrying out a promo, according to which, you can get up to 20% of the amount added to your account. Bear in mind that the project now has an unlimited "deposit protection" fund of $1000.

Coinvus published a video greeting from the company's president, which is available at: For the well-known reasons, the administration of the AdvCash payment system blocked the payment wallet of the project, which did not affect its work in general, although it was necessary to refuse new investments through this payment system. At the moment, the following systems are available: Perfect Money, Payeer, LiteCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

As usually, in the early days of the month Ksakep made accruals and regular payments under the tariff plan "Trust management".

CryptoLux listed at HyipNews for 165 days just implemented a number of measures aimed at preventing hackers from stealing money from investors' accounts. The reason for such a speedy update is that, unfortunately, in recent days, the number of users, which had been hacked increased significantly. As the result certain sums of money have been transferred from their user accounts to third-party wallets.

The good news about that is that CryptoLux reacted promptly and claimed the following: "For us the security of our customer data and their funds has the highest importance. Our corporate policy does not agree with this type of intervention in our perfect running system." For this reason drastic security measures to the website have been implemented by the CryptoLux IT department. From now on the customers will face increased security in the login area and with change of payout addresses.

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