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latest hyip news digest november 01 2018
Representative programs launched at TokenLogic and CryptoSecret Company, new language localizations, Fitch Capital new section, Splitt website maintenance
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Representative programs launched at TokenLogic and CryptoSecret Company, new language localizations, Fitch Capital new section, Splitt website maintenance

Let's check the latest news from the hyips online. First of all, there is a notice from the management of Splitt program, listed at HyipNews for 105 days. There was a problem with accessing the website on Tuesday. At the same time, it was a short-time maintenance, which hasn't affected the payment schedule. We contacted the support of the program, asking for some explanation of the website being down.

In a very short time we got response from Michael, the technical team representative, who informed about the issue with the European server, which was affected by the change from summer to winter time. As the result of that the accounting server was missing an important major update. The revenue data of the mining farms could therefore not be synchronized correctly – which led to a one-hour error for some accounts. Fortunately, the technicians were able to fix the problem within an hour and took all required measures to prevent from the issue being regular.

Another update comes from TokenLogic, which launched representative program. Whether you're a blogger, gamer, youtuber or you are running a social community - you can start promoting the project online and get rewarded for that with the double referral award, which makes 8%. In order to apply for the position of the regional representative, one should write to and share your vision of promoting TokenLogic. One should also include the full name, username and country of residence.

The Fitch Capital project developers released two news at once in a few days. The first one was to add the new section - “Discussion”. The purpose of this feature is to the fore. Customers and beginners can leave their comments on the project site, as well as share payment reports  and other information. The second news concerned the Qiwi payment system, which was added to the project and which is already available for both deposits and payments.

The CryptoSecret Company paid all the participants of the Bounty program the promised bonuses for the second time. To get bonuses, it is enough to place information about the company on your page in any of the proposed social networks. Also a new language localization appeared on the website of the company. CryptoSecret is now available in Spanish! The interface and all possible information on the site is available to residents of Spain in their native language.

In the near future there are plans to translate the site into Italian! In addition, in the latest news of the company the authorities say about the launch of the regional representatives program. The registration process takes no more than 2 minutes. Having received the status of a representative, you will receive an additional 5% from the deposits of each of your clients, as it's been declared.

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