Updated: 11/12/2019 10:22
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Presenting high yield investment program Genesis Trade added to HyipNews hyip monitor on DATE learn about investment plans, its main features
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Presenting high yield investment program Genesis Trade added to HyipNews hyip monitor on DATE learn about investment plans, its main features

The HyipNews team is pleased to present the readers with the new Hyip added to the hyip monitor Genesis Trade, publishing the short presentation of the hyip to make the potential investors acquainted with the program and its terms, which may become suitable for funds depositing. The program has been added to HyipNews 12 days ago.

According to the legend the team of Genesis Trade has been operating in emerging markets since 2001. During this time hundreds of trading algorithms have been developed and the best ones are being used till now. GenesisAI trading robot which builds its forecasts based on artificial intelligence has been implied, taking into account a complex set of factors that could influence market events. Such factors include global monetary situation, changes in the senior management team of companies and organizations, global politics, analysis of major social media sites, thematic forums, news outlets, financial and thematic private blogs. The AI neural network system takes into account every detail. That is why the trading process ceases to be algorithmic, thereby eliminating any manifestations of irrational feelings, such as fear and greed.

The Genesis Trade high yield investment program is offering weekly investment deposits. Your principal and interest will be returned after the selected period of time - 1 week minimum, 8 weeks maximum. Minimum investment amount requirement is as little as 1 USD and the maximum is 100,000 USD. The minimum withdrawal amount has been set to as low as 1 USD. However, there might be a higher limitation due to payment processor requirements. The following payment processing systems are accepted: Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Efficient affiliate network has been built at Genesis Trade. Every member gets 10% of all the funds deposited by the people directly invited through the referral link.  

From the security point of view, the website is protected with the standard SSL certificate with no Extended validation and hence No Green Bar shown. resolves to The server type is cloudflare. The certificate, issued by Cloudflare, should be trusted by all major web browsers (all the correct intermediate certificates are installed) and expires in 10 months and 6 days. The hostname ( is correctly listed in the certificate.

Here are some common stats about the Genesis Trade SSL certificate:

Organization: Cloudflare, Inc.
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Valid from September 18, 2019 to September 18, 2020
Serial Number: 054dc32648ec0494e642be78cf893168
Signature Algorithm: ecdsa-with-SHA256
Issuer: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2
If you are interested and considering joining the Genesis Trade high yield investment program, take your time to follow the link above for more information.

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