HYIP Informational Survey (September 258)

Updated: 09/03/2013 15:38
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After a long summer break, the team of HYIPNews is back with giving you the latest information from the HYIP market online. Starting from today we are back with publishing the informational survey twice a week, as it used to be before Summer. Hope you will remain our readers and enjoy the HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews.com. This issue provides with the news updates from the Top Choice of the HYIPNews listing.

As you may see below, the situation in the Top Choice has changed though not significantly. Problem section has been filled with new problematic and closed programs. The Events section gives latest news about the following HYIPs: BillionairesGroup, Catena Finance, After90Days, LocomotiveTrade, Invest-Age, British-Art-Inc and others. The Openings section today gives some description of all HYIPs added within the last month, when the editorial staff of HYIPNews has been on vacation.

Top Choice The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Today the section is not split into two sub-sections, all 10 programs are given in the listing below:

HyipNews Choice The first 10 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 216 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. Bourgeois Assets Listed: 137 daysProfit: 1-5% daily!Term: up to 45 calendar days!
3. RFI Group Listed: 196 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 150 business days!
4. After90Days Listed: 434 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily 300-900% after 90 days!Term: up to 30 calendar days!
5. Empire Finance Group Listed: 192 daysProfit: 1.3-1.7% daily!Term: up to 100 business days!
6. Mutual Wealth Listed: 228 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
7. Asia for Invest Listed: 73 daysProfit: 1.30-2.96% daily!Term: up to 120 calendar days!
8. Grand Capital Listed: 79 daysProfit: 2-2.6% daily!Term: up to 45 calendar days!
9. ALFA Stock Generation Listed: 76 daysProfit: 1.4-2% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
10. Catena Finance Listed: 70 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!

Well, obviously it makes no sense to talk about the changes in the Top Choice section after more than a month break. The section has changed completely. Still, we can declare that the majority of programs are still included in the Top Choice since the last issue of the HYIP informational survey was published. These are: Pure Income, RFI Group, After90Days, Empire Finance Group,Bourgeois Assets and Mutual Wealth. The positions have changed, nevertheless they are on Top, which is definitely a good sign for the investors.

Openings And back again with the list of new programs which have been added to HYIPNews listing lately. Today we shall mention all programs which have been added during the entire month of August. Get ready for the long list.

Gulf Investment Club 3% daily up to 30 calendar days!
Fidelis Finance 4% daily up to 50 calendar days!
BestMyBanker 40% daily for 4 days, 220-1200% after 3-14 days!
UBC Finance 8-10% daily up to 15 business days!
Income Always 110-165% after 3-18 days!
FxSolvers 1-2.5% daily for 30 days, 6-15% weekly for 8 weeks, 25-75% for 3 months!
WIPFunds 130-1500% after 1-30 days!
Skymonds Oil 195-472% after 1-25 days!
Rasfund 5-6% daily up to 28 calendar days!
Profiteo 125-1000% after 1-14 days!

Gold Rebound 75% daily for 2 days 130-1000% after 1-50 days!
Centurion Profits 1-1.7% daily up to 180 business days!
Stable Round 2-3.2% daily up to 10-100 calendar days!
Oil Trade 105-160% within 5-30 days!
Perfect Fund 2.2-3% daily up to 15-75 calendar days!
Money Stock Invest 1-3% daily for lifetime!
Tech Generation 2-3% daily up to 75 business days!
Sports Trader Invest 105-200% after 1-10 days!
Expert Investment 1.5-2.2% daily up to 60 business days!

Actualdeposit Amm-group Befirstinvest Bestfund Billionsdream Byuksan-ltd Chinese-invests Deltafunds Depositmoney Dollarspocket Dollarwage Dubaibillionaires Earn30days Exxoninvest Financial-inv Forexanat Forexmoneymakers Fxtradersteam Gsolution Ingbanks Investiture Iqfinancegroup Isf24 Libertyincome Makemilion Metallinvest Miraxbank Mywalletfiller New-influx Novafastix Ohiofx Profit4days Profitinflux Projectforex Quick150 Ra777 Realincome Securedollarinvest Stableinvestments Tmprofit United-funds Usdbank Wmwprofit Makeprofitv

As i have mentioned at the very beginning, there are lots of new programs in the first section. That is because, we have included all programs that have been added to HYIPNews listing within the month of August. As for the link list, we have only included those, which appeared online within last week, not earlier.

Problems As for the problem section, we shall name all those which are now in trouble, for any reasons, either it's missing payouts or site downtime, the programs mentioned below are dangerous for investing.

Fortune Steam - not paying
Daily Summer Income - not paying
Sky Profit - not paying
Vanguard Interest - not paying
Aen Digit - not paying
Only Earn - not paying
Weekly Economy Club - not paying
Noble Money Limited - not paying
EarnTop - not paying
Prosper Hourly - not paying
Quick 150 - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Just Income (8 days), Royalty Funds (12 days), Profit4world (13 days), Vesco Finance (18 days), Coolbost (19 days), Aylambi (24 days), Galactic Finance (33 days), Money Online Investment (40 days), Paying4Ever (52 days), InstaBank (61 days), Profit Week (61 days), Onmyline (63 days), Secure-Inv (77 days), Much Income (87 days), Perfect Future (11 days), Currency Deposit (11 days), Swift Gain (21 days), Social Development Bank (24 days), Mega Trader (33 days), Royalty Funds (12 days), Rapid Capital (33 days), Active-Earnings (37 days).

Events It's been a long break and today we are going to update you only with the newest events from the HYIPs currently working online. We are pleased to give some brief overview of the market trends for you to know better what is going on the HYIP arena now.

Due to Labor Day celebrated in the US yesterday on Monday 2, many HYIP programs announced Monday as a non-paying day. Some of those programs have even notified the clients via the newsletters. Pure Income, RFI Group and Empire Finance Group are among those. Here are the newsletters from the programs respectively:

"Labor Day in the United States
Monday, September 2, the US celebrates Labor Day. Based on our Terms of Services, on September 2, the PureIncome stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.
Sincerely, Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of PureIncome".

"Labor Day holiday
Dear investors,
Due to the Labor day holiday interest is not going to be credited today.
Thanks for your support."

"Labor Day
US stock exchanges are closed today because of holiday, Labor Day. Profit will not be added."

The admin of Billionaires Group has sent a short newsletter to the members informing that from now on every member who makes the new deposit via Egopay should include the username in the Payments Description area. There is no explanation on the reason for the innovation to be implied, still i tend to believe it is somehow necessary for the program performance and proper deposits approval.

The admin of Catena Finance has sent another long newsletter explaining in details the referral program details. TodayCatena Finance is included in the Top Choice section of the HYIP informational survey, which means it is getting more and more popular. Possibly that is why the admin of this project has decided to release the newsletter, which is all about the referral program of their own.

Giving the basic information about the three levels of the program: 5% for the first, 3% for the second and 2% for the third, the admin has also posted the important clarification regarding the way these levels are defined. Let me quote this information for you below: "...Investors that join our program using your referral link directly are in your first level. The second level is for investors that join using a referral link from any investor in your first level. And the same goes for the third level. Your third level is populated by anyone who joined our program using a referral link belonging to somebody in your second level..."

One more thing worth clarifying about the referral program fromCatena Finance is that all referral bonuses are paid to the uplines for every deposit made by the downlines, not just the first one. This tactics is used by some HYIPs to save extra money, when only the first deposit is applied for getting the bonus.Catena Finance makes it otherwise. And besides, naturally, one doesn't have to be an active investor to be able to get bonuses for referring new investors. The only thing required is to signup and have an active username.

After90Days has announced the first results of the testimonial contest held by the management of the program. As it's been announced earlier, After90Days has initiated the contest for the best video testimonial showing investor's experience with the HYIP.

As reported in the latest newsletter, more than 100 reviews have been sent within the last week. The best videos will be posted on the official Youtube channel of After90Days. The contest is still going on, which means more video testimonials are accepted and welcome to be st to the e-mail address of the project: [email protected]

LocomotiveTrade has successfully added OK Pay payment system. Naturally from now on, all customers are able to make deposits and request withdrawals via this alternative payment system.

Invest-Age has posted the update with the request to support the project on forums, as well as to post payment proofs and report of the scammers tricks. Apart from that, the project has celebrated 6 weeks online by implementing new payment systems and soon integration of the new investment plans. Rather serious changes for the project that claims to be stable, particularly the changes of the investment plans, which most often works bad for HYIPs further performance.

The admin ofBritish-Art-Inc has offered the members of the project another alternative for making deposits and taking withdrawals. The new alternative payment option has been added - QIWI.

The admin of the Solomon Hit HYIP has taken care of the Russian speaking audience and added the Russian localization of the website.

HYIP Today The HYIP Today section has become one of the most popular and useful for the readers of the survey not long before the summer break. Which is why, we keep on posting the latest updates concerning the most quoted programs currently listed at HYIPNews.com. Let us remind you there below 5 most quoted programs are described and presented at your attention:

Alliexfinancial is at the moment the most frequently quoted HYIP listed. It is taking 11th place in the listing though. As for the quotation index, in the middle of the previous week it was above 200, and then dropped down significantly to 180, which is still making it the most quoted HYIP currently listed.

Gulf Investment Club. If you have a look at the graph of this HYIP you will see absolutely the same picture as we have described above with the Alliexfinancial. The same index 204 last Wednesday and significant drop down to 180 by Sunday. Seems that someone is watching the steps taken by another and repeats all actions, no altering.

After90Days could have become the most quoted program currently listed, at least last Wednesday the quotation index has been maximum among all. Unfortunately within last week the trend of After90Days has been extremely declining, which led to the index points decrease from 206 down to 173. Let's see if the trend is going to change next week. If not, we'll possibly leave After90Days out of the HYIP Today section

Mutual Wealth. The situation with this HYIP is absolutely different from all those above. The previous week has be?n rather successful for the HYIP in terms of getting more index points. The trend was positive and project's index went high from 90 to 137. Judging from the past results, such situation is not new for the project. Taking a look at the graph one may see that this HYIP is enjoying the tactics of sudden rise and fall.

Catena Finance sudden decline was more likely some sort of misunderstanding. After sudden drop-down from 129 to 89 points, starting from last Tuesday, things have gone much better. The most stable performance so far among the rest of programs included in the HYIP Today section. The growth from 89 to 132 within a week - good result!

Good luck with searching good investment opportunities for you. Hope the HYIPTODAY is in use for you. In our turn we are always open for cooperation and for your comments or suggestions on improving the service.

E-money Nearly all e-currencies have announced about additional day-off due to celebration of the Labors day in the US. So, SolidTrustPay has announced that all offices were closed on Monday. Payza and PexPay have also announced Monday 2 as an extra non-trading day.

Perfect Money has been suffering spam attack. There have been lately lots of e-mails circulating the net with the sender address showing [email protected] However when looking closer into the matter, and click Show Original in the Gmail account, one may see <[email protected]> as the original e-mail of the sender.

The e-mails sent contain some sort of an offer made to all Perfect money customers. Obviously even without taking a closer look at the origin, the e-mail seems very much suspicious. Even though we all know Perfect Money never holds any sort of high yield offers and opportunities to the customers, the administration of Perfect Money has replied the requests sent by multiple users with the following:

"We never send such messages, those people are swindlers, please do not give any information to them and do not open any links or attachment files. Thank you for informing us, we have been already taking measures against them."

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