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Updated: 03/13/2015 18:40
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The HYIP Informational Survey #388 starts traditionally with the Top Choice section. Today we are observing some changes. The newcomer to the Top Choice section is Creative Investments, The Openings section includes a very short list of new programs launched and only one HYIP added to HYIPNews Premium listing, Ravonex. Problems section is of the same length today, while the list of closed HYIPs is twice larger than the one on Tuesday. There are some updates from the HYIPs online in the Events section and news from Payeer and SolidTrustPay in the Emoney section. Hyip Quotes section today is also a bit different. The preview of new article published at HYIPNews is provided in the HYIPNews Events section of the HYIP Informational Survey #388 below

Top Choice HYIPsWelcome to the TOP 10 list of the programs listed at HYIPNews below:

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. 3-Business Listed: 400 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
2. Albion Union Listed: 486 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
3. Ogden Organization Listed: 346 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
4. C-7 Listed: 399 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. Poker Automatics Listed: 204 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
6. BITC1 Listed: 104 days Profit: 2.4-2.7% daily for 15-55 days 250-600% after 30-60 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
7. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 105 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
8. BTC Plaza Listed: 95 days Profit: 125-1700% after 1-32 days! Term: for 80 calendar days!
9. BTPerfex Listed: 15 days Profit: 1.25-6% daily! Term: for 180 calendar days!
10. Creative Investments Listed: 12 days Profit: 125-3600% after 1-20 days ! Term: up to 40 calendar days!

The Top Choice section today is a bit different from the one on Tuesday. First of all i should say that we have recently received some complaints about ACN Futures HYIP. As the result the HYIP has lost some rating points and it was lowered down in the listing. The status remains PAying so far until further investigation, though this HYIP was removed from the TOP 10 list.

The COMEX Brokerage, BTC Plaza and BTPerfex HYIPs moved one position up each and the tenth place is now taken by the newcomer to the Top Choice section, Creative Investments HYIP. As for the TOP positions, there are no changes in positions from 1 to 6.

HYIPs OpeningsLet's see if there any new programs added to HYIPNews listing lately as well to the list of those launched within last three days.

Ravonex 118-2100% after 1-30 days!

Absolutprofit After50days Cisforex Coindollar Hourlygrowth Nanoinvest Paypaying

It has become a tradition to observe a limited number of programs launched within three days. This time is not an exception. There are less than 10 programs launched online and selected by the HYIPNews automated system detecting new HYIPs online. There is only one new program added to HYIPNews Premium listing. Ravonex offers a short-term income opportunity with the income paid upon the plan expiry. The maximum investment plan duration is only 20 days.

HYIP ProblemsToday the Problems section is nearly of the same length as the one three days ago. The Closures list is nearly twice larger. As for the programs included to the Problems list this Tuesday, all of them were moved to the Closures list, turning into scams with no hope for coming back online.

One HYIP, ACN Futures, which used to be Top listed has not been included to the Problems list yet, however it is close to being there for lots of complaints have been sent to HYIPNews. Some listing sites have already placed this HYIP to Problems, though for now we won't and give another chance to the admin to somehow react the complaints.

Return Binary - not paying
Pay Hourly Cash - not paying
ProfitFast4You - not paying
Axia Finance - not paying
Forex Wizard - not paying
BINARY INCOME - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Crypto Strategy (144 days), Blue Sky Asset (268 days), OK Deposit (92 days), Five Day Pay (32 days), Auto Hourly Profits (27 days), Foxtrot Capital (10 days), Filko (10 days), HML Ltd (161 days), Global Profit Fund (95 days).

HYIP EventsThe SmartRichness HYIP has announced March as the month of promotion. For the period from March 9 to March 15 for each equal or greater than $ 10 investment made to the investment plan, extra 10% of the investment is added as a bonus.

The Solar Capital has reported another milestones achieved after 14 days of successful work. As claimed more than 3000 users registered at the project and the total investment amount exceeded $200K. To celebrate two weeks online a small bonus is assigned to every customer of the project.

The admin of Golden Gator has delivered newsletter to the members by thanking them for the support during the project's first week online performance. As reported, the project has been growing well and many investors are in profit already. At the same time it's nice to know investment amounts grow, they are getting bigger, which proves the fact investors start to trust the admin of this project.

WMA Digital has completed five months online. As the admin claims the idea to create this project was highly successful. As reported, many investors are already in profit and it's not going to stop here. Just the other way round, right now the admin wants to know the opinion of the customers about the WMA Digital, particularly what innovations clients may be interested in, if the investment plans currently active are good and suitable or not. Anyone is welcome to send any wishes and feedback for proper consideration and analysis by the specialists from WMA Digital.

There is an update from Consumer Funds, the HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 10 days which informs about adding another payment option to the list. Bitcoin is now added and available for making deposits and withdrawals. All transactions are processed automatically and instantly.

Moore Fund, the HYIP, which is publishing news on the regular basis has delivered another news report to the customers. The admin of the project claims his project is completely different from the rest HYIPs. The main features of Moore Fund are automatic and instant withdrawals. All transactions are not controlled by Moore Fund for maximum transparency. The admin tells about the possibility to check/edit payment processor details in the "Edit Profile" page. He also reminds of the basic format of payment processors, which looks like that:

Perfect Money: U******* . Please do not set your email as your PM account number.
Payeer: P******* . Please do not set your email as your Payeer account number.
Payza: Your Payza email address.
Bitcoin: Your Bitcoin address.
SolidtrustPay: Your STP username. Please do not set your email as your STP account.
Paypal: Your paypal email address.
Neteller: Your Neteller email address.
WU/Bank: Bank details including SWIFT code.
Skrill: Your Skrill Email address.

As you can see there is a wide choice of payment options accepted at Moore Fund. The final part of the newsletter reminds of the new ELITE investment package available within the project, which is claimed to have 4-year long-term sustainability plan, due to the unique marketing strategy. The admin reports about thousands of new members who join the project on the daily basis and enjoy the investment opportunity and 3-level referal program, which gives extra opportunity to earn passive income from active partnership activity.

EdenShares HYIP has launched the Facebook group for the customers. The link to it is located in the upper left section of the website. The Facebook group can be used for discussion of the program and contacting the support on various issues. It is also a tool for posting payment proofs and promoting the project online. Apart from that in case there are any troubles with online access to EdenShares website, Facebook group always remains as the only source to learn the latest news about the downtime as the result of ddos attack or server issues.

GeniusBank congratulates every member for participating in the project and reports of 100K registered members, who joined the project so far. The program keeps on growing rapidly.

EmoneyAnother update has been sent to the customers of Payeer payment system. As it's been announced on March 10 at 5am the technical maintenance on the main site were in process. The works have taken about two hours, during which there could be some difficulties when accessing the website of the payment system. By now, the maintenance is over and website is back online.

SolidTrustPay gladly announces the new instant verification process to the customers. The team of the popular payment processor has been working closely with the GBGroup in order to create some better and faster way for the account verification. As of now, the verification process takes only 30 minutes compared to 5-7 days as it used to be earlier. Actually that is the process of Standard verification for active members. For those willing to get card or bank verified, usual process is still the only option. Here are some short steps to follow in order to become standard verified:

1) go to My Account—Verify Account
2) click on Standard Verified
3) click on “Click HERE” under Option One.

As you follow these three steps you will be prompted to verify your e-mail and upload the documents required. After you send the valid documents the account will become verified within 30 minutes. The instant verification process is currently available in Germany, the United States and the UK. In the future more countries will be added to list of those eligible for instant verification procedure.

HYIP QuotesHere is the list of TOP 5 programs with the highest quotation index among all listed at HYIPNews. The Hyip Quotes section with the actual quotation index is there below.

BITC1. The HYIP is still taking the first place, although the quotation index today is 23 points less than on Tuesday. On March 7 it increased a bit and then within two next days it fell down greatly and reached the bottom of 266 points on March 9.

Poker Automatics. The HYIP returned to the second place in the HYIP Quotes section. After March 6 the declining trend changed to rising and within two days by March 8 it grew by 60 points and reached the mark of 256 points. Later on March 9 the quotation index slightly decreased to 250, still it is enough for the hYIP to be on the second place today.

Ogden Organization. Even though during the period from March 5 till March 7 the quotation index was growing and eventually became stable 232 points is not enough to keep the second place and hence the HYIP moved down to the third place in the Hyip Quotes section today.

BTC Plaza. Still taking the fourth place, we are observing the change of the trend from declining to rising starting from March 8. By March 10 it increased from 194 to 216 points. Within last two days the index stabilized.

Albion Union. The HYIP is back in action. Thanks to the growth of the quotation index observed from March 4 till March 6, the program gained 63 points. Eventually it reached 184 points. The raise stopped and on March 7 no change of the quotation index was detected.

All in all, the situation is more or less stable. The BITC1 is taking the lead even despite the declining trend observed. Other four HYIPs are on the contrary observing the rising trends. Poker Automatics overcame Ogden Organization thanks to the 60-points growth of the quotation index. Albion Union is back to the fifth place thanks to 63-points growth during last three days. The quotation index of BTC Plaza and Ogden Organization has been growing a bit and t hen stabilized.

HYIPNews EventsKnowing how to buy Bitcoins in Bitcoin ATM is a useful skill, especially taking into account the fact this cryptocurrency is getting far more and mroe popular. Read the article below and find out about the progress of Bitcoin ATM industry within last year. Learn about the specifications of various Bitcoin ATMs and verification required to be passed through in order to buy bitcoins. Learn this and much more reading the article below.

As of today, around 82K companies accept Bitcoins in the world. That is more than twice more than the number of those the same time last year. As the number of companies that accept Bitcoins grow, the necessity to buy Bitcoins easily grows proportionally. That is why the number of Bitcoin ATMs has been growing exponentially during the previous 24 months. At the beginning of 2014, all around the globe there were only four(!) working Bitcoin ATMs. Now there are 350 of them... quite a difference i should say. Nearly half of them are installed on the territory of Northern America (105 are in the US, 60 in Canada and 4 in Mexico).

Learn more about the Bitcoin ATM specifications, their variations and differences. Get the peculiarities of verification process, the customer needs to pass when dealing with this or that Bitcoin ATM in the article: "How to Buy Bitcoins in Bitcoin ATM?" published by Nicole Berger following the link above.

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