HYIP Informational Survey (January 291)

Updated: 01/24/2014 19:56
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Here below we are happy to offer the HYIP Informational Survey #291 at your attention. Today there are plenty of news from payment processors and HYIP programs. As for Emoney there are news about new SolidTrustPay program and PexPay future changes in 2014. Lots of news updates from HYIPs online are reported in the Events section.

The Openings section only includes 2 new programs. Both of them are Premium listed and ultra short-term ones. The interests offered are enormous, which lets us assume, the risk of depositing funds to any of those HYIPs is as large as the potential profit that may be earned. The Top Choice section remains unchanged, just like HYIP Today section. See the details below in the HYIP Informational Survey #291.

Top Choice Today there is one Sticky listed program in the HYIPNews listing. FX-9, which has been listed for nearly 100 days, third time in row this HYIP is mentioned on Top.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Mutual Wealth Listed: 371 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
2. RFI Group Listed: 339 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
3. In-india Listed: 193 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
4. Bank of Belize Listed: 181 daysProfit: 4% weekly!Term: up to 500 calendar days!
5. Inv Global Listed: 136 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
6. Kings of Profit Listed: 52 daysProfit: 7% hourly for 15 hours or 130-1100% after 1-16 days!Term: up to 52 calendar days!
7. United HYIP League Listed: 490 daysProfit: 2.5-10% daily 350-750% after 35-75 days!Term: up to 75 calendar days!
8. Royal Earn Listed: 70 daysProfit: 8-11% daily!Term: up to 15 business days!
9. FINANC Group Listed: 93 daysProfit: 1.4-1.8% daily!Term: up to 90 business days!
10. FX-9 Listed: 95 daysProfit: 2.3-2.9% daily 179-299% after up to 49 days!Term: up to 79 calendar days!

Basically the situation with the TOP 10 programs remains stable. Eventhough United HYIP League is not Sticky Listed it is still a member of TOP 10, taking the 7th place. Taking this into account, all programs, wqhich used to be on Top this Tuesday are still there and paying. That is a sign of stability, which is definitely a good sign.

Openings There are two programs added to HYIPNews listing within last 3 days. Both of them are Premium listed.

Weltex Business 70% daily for 2 days 120-1000% after 1-20 days!
Temco Group 26.80-34.83% daily up to 4 calendar days!

Btc-etrade Cash-fly Cinergyfinance Hyiprewards Liveprofitincome P4u Perfectmoney-investment Privatincome Qpfunds Victtery Zeppelininvest

There are only two programs added to HYIPNews listing within last three days. Both of them are Premium listed and ultra short-term ones. The interests offered are enormous, which lets us assume, the risk of depositing funds to any of those HYIPs is as large as the potential profit that may be earned. One thing is for sure, if considering depositing funds it should be done o nearly stages. As for other programs, there are not many of them as well.

Problems Back again for the second time in row there are four new Problem programs section. As for Closures part there are more of programs listed there today. What is interesting to admit is that there are particularly lots of programs with lifetime less than 10 days and now scammed down. I personally don't understand the reasons for such programs to be launched. They make this industry far more dangerous and risky.

The due diligence is a must for all new programs, potentially to be added to investors' portfolios. Besides, when one starts to consider depositing, any program, especially a short-term one with high interests offered may get closed, and hence it is sometimes very useful to wait for some days and observe the program's performance.

Prospect Roi - not paying
Safe Profit Solution - not paying
American-Finance - not paying
Lucrative Investment - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Xerap Ltd (47 days), Oil Growing Profit (10 days), Solid Binary Ltd (8 days), Rusham Investment (57 days), World Of Elite (5 days), Perfect Invest Bank (211 days), Tops Forex (10 days), PM Investment (3 days), Quantum Invest Fund (8 days), After 80 Days (42 days), Crusade Invest (67 days), Delta-Traders (185 days).

Events Welor Trade has launched its own stock market called WelorStock. On the market everyone is free to buy the company shares (stock rate is updated daily and delivered to members). Apart from that there is a chance to earn 8% from referral activity and assist in promoting the project itself.

Ini-Group is a new HYIP, added to Free listing of HYIPNews 4 days ago. The project has declared there is no option to change payment information automatically from the members area. In order to make the change one should logging to the member area, contact the support, tell your secret question and answer to that and wait for the assistance. The change is only possible in manual mode.^

The Eblone HYIP is working on a new script. The project reports on the opportunity to make deposits via Payeer and Western Union.

Kings of Profit, one of TOP 10 HYIPs listed at HYIPNews claims on starting massive advertising campaign. For a start, the admin has reported the launch of the regional representative program. Anyone willing may apply for the post of regional representative and get solid bonuses for this activity. In order to apply for the post, one should send e-mail to [email protected] and indicate the following information: Country, Name, Login in the project, E-mail, Native language, Skype Login, Link to Facebook profile, Phone number if there's any.

In the latest newsletter, Indigo Hill informed members that BitCoin and LiteCoin deposits are acceptable, just like other e-payment processors: Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay, Payeer, Western Union, Money Gram, and bank wire. Apart from that there is a report that website of the project is going to be updated soon. The main purpose of the update is to make the website more user-friendly and convenient to use.

Thai Monetary Fund has reported about adding OKPAY to the list of accepted e-currencies. The withdrawals for OKPAY deposits will be processed via OKPAY as well. Both the deposits and withdrawals are approved instantly.

The PaypTrade HYIP has reported that trading online is now open with this project. Hard to believe though... The admin has promisedto give $0.7 signup bonus for every account opened. Besides there's an announcement that withdrawal option is available via PayPal, PerfectMoney, Payza(AlertPay), Skrill(MoneyBookers), EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, OKPay, PexPay, WebMoney, BitCion, C-Gold, SensiPay, Paxum and HD-Money. Frankly speaking, nearly of of those e-currencies announced are hard to imagine working with HYIPs, which is why i wouldn't treat this HYIP a serious investment opportunity.

UE Centre has added Payeer as the payment processor. This payment option can now be used by members for making deposits and withdrawals.

VXprofit has reached the milestone of 5000 members and deposit amount of $1600000. This is claimed to be the result of being online for 67 days. To mark the milestone, OKPAY deposit option has been added.

InflexShares marks 3 weeks online milestone. As claimed in the latest newsletter the admin says every member of the staff of InflexShares is working hard to keep the site running smoothly. So getting back to the achievements of InflexShares within last three weeks three main achievements should be considered.

The first milestone achieved is 700 members, 200 of which are active investors. As reported, on average there are 10 active investors appear daily and 30 members are registered daily. As reported this fact demonstrates the trust and faith the investors have in InflexShares. This fact motivates the management of the project to keep on running and growing.

InflexShares is also concentrated on improving positions of the project on monitoring sites, forums and blogs, the aim of these actions is first of all to improve the online presence. When done with these resources, InflexShares is planning on hiring social media representatives who will connect with investors on the social media fronts, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The final improvement is implementing the live chat system as the source of improving customer support. The importance of highly professional and informative support service is emphasized at any terms, no matter how popular or how famous the project becomes. The live support of InflexShares is online most of the time, if not, e-mails are the best way to reach the support.

FinMutual, the potentially long-term HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 14 days and offering 1.8-2.6% daily for up to 160 business days has sent another newsletter informing the members explaining the details of the investment plans currently working at FinMutual. This newsletter has no much of informative content, it more looks like a reminder or an attempt to let everyone understand the project is alive and keeps on working for long. In that aspect let me quote the details from the official FinMutual newsletter:

"Our first plan is a 1.8% daily plan that pays 288% total return. Deposits from $25 to $999 qualify for this plan.
Our second plan for investments of $1000 to $2499 pays 2.2% daily. The total return on this plan is 352%.
Our highest paying plan is for any investment of $2500 and up and pays 2.6% daily. The total return on this plan is 416%."

At the same time, the admin reminds that no compounding option is provided for any of the plans. Besides the principal is included in profit, which is paid on daily basis. The interests are paid on business days from Monday to Friday. The duration of all investment plans is 160 business days. That is actually all updates from FinMutual by this moment.

HYIP Today There are no serious changes in the HYIP Today section this Friday. Two programs have exchanged their positions. As for details please see the TOP 5 below:

Inside Forex Group. The HYIP is still going to grow and raise its quotation index. After some days of stability on Top another rising trend has been detected. Starting from Monday to Thursday the index has gone 25 points up and now makes 236 points still taking the first place.

United HYIP League. This prorgam is on the contrary currently running on the declining trend. On Monday the growth has ended up and since then decline has started. The quotation index has fallen from 238 to 196 points within two days. However that is still enough for taking the second place.

3pamm. Moving down has continued on Tuesday and then movement has changed to rising. By Thursday the quotation index has returned to positions this HYIP was before the decline with 188 points. That is the third place in the list of TOP 5 most quoted programs currently listed online.

RemiTrade. The change of the quotation index of this HYIP was happening in changing manner. First the index went up, then it went down a bit and then up again, still the overall trend still looks positive. Compared to 171 points on Monday, on Thursday the quotation index stopped on 180 points, which is enough for taking the fourth place in HYIP Today section.

WealthGroups. This HYIP was a sensation of the previous HYIP Informational Survey. Within just a couple of days since the project's launch it managed to get on TOP. The upward movement continued on Tuesday and then slown down a bit and the quotation index got a bit smaller. Current index on Thursday has made up 172 points.

There have been various trends detected among programs within the TOP 5 of most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.Inside Forex Group and 3pamm are showing absolutely positive trends.United HYIP League is currently on decline, which hasn't prevented it from taking the second place. As for the rest two programs:WealthGroups and RemiTrade, their quotation index seems stable enough, moreover due to some larger riseRemiTrade has managed to overcome WealthGroups and take fourth place in TOP 5.

E-money PexPay has informed members of upcoming changes, which are going to happen in the year 2014. Among the rest new funding options will be included, new website design, a merchant listing section, explaining ways for merchants to advertise directly to PexPay users. This list is not limited with the features given above. There will be more, and the main reason for the e-mail sent to customers is to keep them updated. Important update is that starting from February 1st there will be changes to current fee structure for verified accounts. The changes are due to cost of business, and fees associated with different transactions from the financial institutions that we work with. Below is a list of the new fee structure:

Main Account Fees:
Monthly Service Fee: Free
Send Money: Free
Receive Money: 1.99% +0.24
Funding Your Account:
Bank Wire 20.00
ACH 2.99
Check 1.99
Withdraw From Account:
Bank Wire 50.00
ACH 3.99
Check 7.99

There are big news for unverified customers as well. The new feature is going to be added by the end of March, which will let the unverified customers to receive/transfer up to 750.00 per day from their account to another PexPay account. However many withdrawal and funding options will still be unavailable until you get your account verified. Once applied even those unverified will be able to use PexPay accounts for daily transactions with increased limits. Increasing the upper limit will also be helpful for those willing to test the payment system before passing through the verification process.

SolidTrustPay, one of the leading e-currencies used for funds transactions in HYIP industry has introduced another service, called SolidTrust Benefits. This is a new program, which has been created with the purpose to provide more quality services to the members of SolidTrustPay. The program is a fully inclusive Health and Wellness Discount Package, which is a unique offer in the industry. Joining the SolidTrust Benefits, as claimed in the official blog of SolidTrustPay will help ever member to get the most of every dollar spent by means of giving the members great peace of mind and unlimited rewards.

The Entertainment's® exclusive database contains merchant offers in over 235.000 disount locations. Whyen joining the SolidTrust Benefits, one can get the offer at low monthly fee. Here are the services included in the SolidTrustPay discount package, offered to the members of SolidTrustPay:

Benefits include:
-Lifestyle Benefit Discount Card
-Restaurant Savings
-Attractions Savings
-Roadside Assistance
-Counselling Services
-Medical Travel Assistance
-Online Shopping Discounts
-and Much More!

TheSolidTrust Benefits program is so far offered only for the members, citizens of the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. Members from other countries are so far not eligible for enjoying the Benefits, which help tpo improve their quality of life and save money at the same time.

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