HYIP Informational Survey (February 296)

Updated: 02/11/2014 21:45
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The HYIP Informational Survey #296 is at your attention below. Today we are glad to offer the professional review of the United HYIP League, currently TOP 1 HYIP in the HYIPNews listing. Along with the rest programs in the Top Choice this HYIP is showing stable performance, which let us declare, the TOP Choice section has not changed a bit. Two programs have been added to HYIPNews hyip monitor lately: one is a fast and another is mid-term HYIP.

The Problem list is back updated with some new programs, which are now dangerous for investing and those, which are now closed. As usually, Events section is full of news from the HYIPs online, while Emoney section updates you on the recent news from SolidTrustPay, the leading payment processor online. There are certain changes, both on TOP of the HYIP Today section and there at the bottom. See the details in the HYIP Informational Survey #296 below:

Top Choice There are three sticky listed programs today, hence we are pleased to report the Top Choice is split into two parts: HYIPNews Choice and Sticky Listing.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 5 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. United HYIP League Listed: 508 daysProfit: 2.5-10% daily 350-750% after 35-75 days!Term: up to 75 calendar days!
2. Mutual Wealth Listed: 389 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
3. In-india Listed: 211 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
4. Bank of Belize Listed: 199 daysProfit: 4% weekly!Term: up to 500 calendar days!
5. FX-9 Listed: 117 daysProfit: 2.3-2.9% daily 179-299% after up to 49 days!Term: up to 79 calendar days!

Sticky Listing And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 2 sticky listed programs and those taking places 6, 7 and 8 in the HYIPNews rating:

Inv Global Listed: 154 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
Dublin Cryptory Listed: 96 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
Royal Earn Listed: 88 daysProfit: 8-11% daily!Term: up to 15 business days!
Kings of Profit Listed: 70 daysProfit: 7% hourly for 15 hours or 130-1100% after 1-16 days!Term: up to 52 calendar days!
Alternative Energy Listed: 39 daysProfit: 130-1500% after 1-40 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!

The Top Choice section today is absolutely the same as the one last Friday. None of programs has changed its positions and that is to be sincere a good sign of stability on the market. The programs' ratings have changed proportionally and hence none of them has gone lower or higher. The TOP 1 is still taken byUnited HYIP League reviewed today by HYIPNews. Along with that two Sticky listed programs remain the same.

Openings Please find the new programs listed at HYIPNews below and see the programs launched within last four days:

Vanguard Interest 8-11% daily up to 15 business days!
X-AXIS 1-4% daily up to 60 business days!

Bqm Cash-deals Cashint Conflate-team Efgroup Energy-money Fine-fund Flydream Forexparadise Gethyip Greatmokey Hamdanco Inv-options Investmenthyips Lez-trade Light-invest Maximfxgroup Moneyteaks Onebuckadclub Over30days Primeinvest Profit-interest Profitshares Proincome Royalxchangefund Stamppool Theproject Uinopes We-will-give Investfond Moneybepaying

There are two programs added to HYIPNews listing today. One program,Vanguard Interest is short term with ultra high interests offered, and thus extremely high risk rate. The second one,X-AXIS is a mid-term HYIP, which gives decent interest for average investment period. The list of other programs launched is larger than the one we had last Tuesday, which means, the weekend was more active than the previous week.

Problems There's only one program, which is now back from Problem. That is Afsa Investment. The rest programs, which were Problem last Friday are closed now. As for closures section, the majority of programs included there today are new ones, working for less than a month and some less than 10 days. Still there are also some oldtimers with the lifetime of 100+ days. The only thing that is common for all programs below in this section is the danger of depositing funds at this stage.

StreetFuel - not paying
Prs Investment Ltd - not paying
Imbue Capital - not paying
Endless Investment - not paying
Goldinv - not paying
Bit Instantly - not paying
Hour Profit - not paying
HyipAgro - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Pharaoh (75 days), Betting Paradize (25 days), Splash Money (8 days), Continental Tour (8 days), Indigo Hill (48 days), Premium Brewery (67 days), I-C-I Group (13 days), UICO (132 days), Temco Group (18 days).

Events The admin ofKings of Profit has informed all members on completing 70 days online. To mark the anniversary, some updates are announced. The company has opened regional representatives in Singapore and Hong-Kong with international phone support from Asia region. Please have a look at the phone numbers below: England phone number is still same +441516018923 , Singapore is +6531586958, Hong-Kong is +85258086205.

X-AXISis a new HYIP launched several days ago. Right after the launch the program admin has issued the newsletter informing the members about the approval of SolidTrustPay account. From now on, everyone willing is free to make deposits toX-AXIS via SolidTrustPay. Another reason, as claimed by the admin, for publishing the newsletter is explaining the Cake Business run by X-AXIS.

As reported, he has been running this business for about 4 years and that is actually why the website ofX-AXIS has been started. It is a kind of a legend, indeed. Looks that the current business has been purchased and the admin has been left doing nothing at all ad getting 20% share in the shop, which makes him absolutely free to get involved into running this site.

Another question revealed is actually how can the program maintain paying 1-4% daily. We all know, how the profit is "generated", still the admin ofX-AXIS claims he is is capable of making enough profit for all members. At the same time he promises to change the site in 6 months greatly (that is in case it will last for 6 months to be sincere). that is the main goal indeed and to reach it first of all a 100k Alexa is needed.

Lots of promises from the admin of X-AXIS, after all. In 12 months there are plans for the site not even to look like a HYIP. All in all, there's not much of information inside the newsletter. He claims there's no risk at all, still we all know there is risk and quite a lot, to be sincere.

IX9 HYIP has published several news updates within last 4 days. At first there was a notification, an invitation to be exact for everyone to join the official Facebook Group of IX9, recently launched. The Facebook Group is available following the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ix9biz/

Right after that the following day, the admin of IX9 has issued another newsletter informing of the close launch of the Loyalty Rewards Program for the loyal members of IX9. All terms and process of joining the program will be announced later on at the moment of the program launch. By announcing the new Loyalty Reward Prorgam, the admin of IX9 tries to single out his program from the rest, saying that: "...Our work does not only entail paying your withdrawals on time but also to reward you for being a loyal customer..."

Another update announced by the admin of IX9 is adding the multilanguage support representatives service online. The project supports Spanish, Portuguese, and English chat requests. More support representatives will be added soon in terms of constant improvement of the services provided by IX9. Active website development is resulted in increasing of deposits on an hourly basis.

The latest update reported by the admin of IX9 touches upon the expanding of payment options accepted by IX9. As it was reported last week Payeer was added. And now the admin gladly announces adding the deposit and withdrawal option via PexPay. Adding your PexPay account can not be done manually on the member's profile. In order to have the changes applied, one should contact the support and request for the PexPay data to be added by the admin.

Barclays Royal Club Ltd has reported in the latest newsletter on adding another payment processor, Payeer, which is now highly recommended by the admin. After Payeer integration, it is now possible with its help to make transfers to other payment processors: PerfectMoney, Okpay, Paypal, BitCoin, and others.

Weekly Profit Sharing simply thanks all members for participating in the project and encourages everyone to withdraw earnings and support the project on HYIP Forums and Monitors.

TristarProfit Fund has completed the 15 days online cycle with lots of members' deposits matured. In case investors are satisfied with the services of the project, they are welcome to support it on forums and hyip monitors.

Sodis Fund admin has announced that now after completing the first month online the admin will be sending out regular email updates on the program's performance. The latest newsletter looks too good to be true. From the first words about incoming 1.1 million of USD deposits looks very much suspicious along with 1500 BTC. Why would a HYIP keep on running with such great assets? Of course there is a legend for the funds to be used by some sort of traders for "expanding" operation, working with more stocks... very trivial legend indeed. I am not going to quote the newsletter, for there is not much of information within.

Fund Barter has introduced the new investment plan to the customers. As reported the current investment plan will remain valid till the current investment period expires. After that the new plan will be introduced offering profit of 2.7% to 5.3% for 50 business days. That is actually a scam warning, for it is basically a rule for HYIP programs, whenever any new plan is introduced, it may be a sign of a soon program closure.

And to finish with the news for today, we are glad to report that FinMutual has introduced the green address bar in browsers. It means highest level of SSL validation.

HYIP Today There are certain changes, both on TOP of the HYIP Today section and there at the bottom. We'll be pleased to tell you more. Have a look at the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews below:

United HYIP League. Here we can observe the end of decline at least for now and rapid growth of the quotation index of this HYIP. From 241 index points on Thursday, the project has managed to rise up to 233 on Monday and hence get back on TOP 1 position.

Inside Forex Group. Here we can observe the vice versa situation. Being not able to remain on TOP 1, this project has been going down in a jump-like manner. On Friday there was a decline from 236 to 224, then a little bit of rise has been detected to 232 on Saturday, followed with another decline on Sunday to 216 index points and then some slight increase to 218 points on Monday, which is enough for the second place.

WealthGroups. This HYIP has shown stable performance with some slight increase of the quotation index within the weekend. All in all the quotation index has grown up from 190 to 202 points on Monday. The program is taking the third place in the TOP 5 most quoted programs again and again. Some kind of stability!

Dublin Cryptory. This program has returned to the TOP 5 after a sudden rise of the quotation index within two days (Friday and Saturday) from 166 to 186 points. What is interesting about this HYIP, after reaching 186 index points, there were no changes at all until now. Current index is 186 points, which is a sample of stable performance, indeed.

FX-9. This one ends up the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com. This HYIP has managed to show some rising trend at the end of the previous week, making 18 points jump within two days. On Sunday there was slight decline and then another rise one Monday back to 182 points.

The TOP 5 is different again. First two programs have exchanged positions again.United HYIP League is now on TOP (both in the rating and the HYIP Today section).WealthGroups is showing stable performance, remaining on the third position for a week at least.Dublin Cryptory is showing very stable index mark.
Not a single change for two days.FX-9 moves just the opposite way. Thanks to slight rise and keeping the index stably high, it managed to get on TOP 5 of the HYIP Today section of the HYIP Informational Survey 296

E-money SolidTrustPay, one of the leading e-currency processors used in HYIP industry welcomes new merchants to take advantage of using the exclusive eWallet business solutions. Anyone who needs one's business to have fast and reliable way to accept online transactions is welcome onboard. SolidTrustPay gives a number of tools, which are supposed to be used for facilitating online businesses.

The tools include though not limited to payment buttons, which allow other SolidTrustPay members to make purchases directly through a merchant's website. There are also tools for completing purchases by customers using credit cards, without even having the SolidTrustPay account active. Apart from that SolidTrustPay offers tools for those willing to get started quickly by fast and easy integration with solidtrustpay.com.

As reported, for easy integration with solidtrustpay.com it is enough to add the snippet of code to your website in the customer purchase area. Once done the clients get redirected to the secure checkout page to get the transaction completed in seconds. In case the target website has SSL secured protection, there is an option to choose the non-redirect “invisible API” feature, which gives customers a seamless purchasing experience.

All merchants before having the SolidTrustPay tools integrated with the websites of their own are subject to required to provide some necessary information to SolidTrustPay customer support. Please see the details on the requirements for merchants verification following the link below: http://solidtrustnews.com/2014/02/07/becoming-a-solidtrust-pay-merchant/

Another news has been delivered to SolidTrustPay customers. February 17 has been announced as the non-working day, due to the US Holiday. On February 17 the US celebrates the President's Day and Canada celebrates Family Day. For this day is a bank holiday in the US, all members are reminded to add extra processing time for deposits, withdrawals, and e-currency exchanges. See more news following the link below: http://solidtrustnews.com/2014/02/10/us-bank-holiday-monday-february-17th/

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