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Updated: 09/23/2014 11:39
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You are welcome to read the HYIP Informational Survey #348 published on Tuesday. Take your time to look through the TOP Choice section showing stable performance of most programs listed. Also see three newly listed HYIPs in the Openings section along with a short update of the closed HYIPs and problem programs. The Events section includes latest updates from some HYIPs both listed at HYIPNews and not. As for the Emoney section, there is an overview of the latest updates added at Payza aimed to simplify the checkout process for the merchants. The HYIP Quotes section this Tuesday looks more or stable with nearly all programs remaining on the same positions even despite some slight decline observed lately.

Top ChoiceWelcome to the list of most rated HYIP opportunities listed at HYIPNews. The recent changes in the Top Choice section are given below.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. EU5 Listed: 141 days Profit: 2.6-3% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
2. RemiTrade Listed: 301 days Profit: 0.3-4% daily! Term: up to 240 business days!
3. Ogden Organization Listed: 175 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
4. Albion Union Listed: 315 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
5. Laxo Trade Listed: 157 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
6. Ei Bankers Listed: 121 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
7. Panamatic Listed: 97 days Profit: 120-3500% after 1-40 days! Term: up to 40 calendar days!
8. Assured Assets Listed: 181 days Profit: 130-220% after 1-3 days! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
9. HyipCO Listed: 77 days Profit: 2.6-3.4% daily! Term: up to 88 calendar days!
10. Trading Alliance Limited Listed: 40 days Profit: 120-1650% after 1-30 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

Back again the only change observed in the TOP Choice section within last four days is the position exchange between two programs: Panamatic and Assured Assets, which moved to seventh and eights places accordingly. As for the rest HYIPs, the situation is stable. EU5 is taking the lead and Trading Alliance Limited is sticky listed at HYIPNews, hence stands above the main listing.

OpeningsLast time you could see the maximum umber of new programs added to HYIPNews listing. Let's how the situation looks today.

Financial Fund
130-700% after 1-15 days!
PSBets 1.1-2.5% daily up to 70 calendar days!
Gold Mining 5-10% daily for lifetime!
GFO Trading130-1080% after 1-15 days!

Airplane-profit Anancias Avloninvest Branddestiny Cfdmarket Cointellect Dynamichyip Easy150profit Fxflat Goldfieldhyip Ipayinstant Jewelsolo Moneycrops Monttrealbank Paidserve Prfinv Quingenti Sentinels-x Stable-metal Stableincome Superfastfx T3-ebank Tendollars Trigon-oil Unimaxer Vbotrade Windinero

Obviously today the number of new programs added is twice less than on Friday. Nevertheless three new HYIPs added within the weekend is not a bad result at all. In addition there are some really interesting income opportunities in the list of HYIPs launched. Speaking about those added, all three programs are absolutely various. Financial Fund is more suitable for those attracted by short-term investment opportunities, while PSBets offers daily payouts for the investment period of up to 70 days, which more looks like a medium term HYIP. As for Gold Mining the interest offered is based on a daily basis, though there is no defined investment period, which means it is potentially possible to earn good profits with the HYIP for its lifetime.

ProblemsGetting closer to the Problems list let us remind last Friday it was not long at all, while the Closures included quite a number of newly closed HYIPs. The situation this Tuesday is a bit different. Today we see a little bit more of programs included to the Problems section. Most of them are new ones, so perhaps the problems they currently have are temporal. As for the Closures lis it is very short today, fortunately. At the same time, some programs, which were Problem last Friday are still there and very much likely they will be ultimately moved to the Closures list by next Tuesday. Anyway, we'll watch the development of this situation and let you know further on in the HYIP informational survey released on Tuesday.

Expert Profit - not paying
Sonoxa Fund - not paying
Mercanus - not paying
Cosmo HYIP - not paying
Best4Invest - not paying
ZA Dollars - not paying
Perfect Gains - not paying
Grand Income Limited - not paying
Linum Fund - not paying
Broker-Fund - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Cambridge Invest Group (43 days), Poker Paying (25 days), GLF (15 days), Obsidian Invest (6 days), ART-Prestige (11 days), Lab Tech Fund (5 days), Altus Finance (7 days), Grand Tour Solutions (6 days).

EventsThere is another program, which is not listed at HYIPNews that updated the members on the start of promotional campaign. basically Global Energy Solutions is not listed at HYIPnews, and still we are pleased t deliver the news about its development to the investors' audience here online. Speaking about the start of promotion, it needs to be mentioned that the admin of Global Energy Solutions claims the promotion is going to be open till October 9 2014. The basic idea of the promotion is adding bonus amount of $1 to the account balance. However in order to get the bonus one should send the e-mail request to [email protected] and indicate the username in the project.

One should still keep in mind before applying for the bonus several requirements, without meeting which it will be impossible to join the promotion. First of all, it needs to be taken into consideration there are only 30 vacant places for getting the bonus. Secondly, one should be an active investor to get the bonus with the deposit not less than $50. Then everything is typical: one should add the signature for Global Energy Solutions on forums, make daily posts on MMGP, Talkgold, DTM and MMG reporting the payment proofs and vote on a daily basis on three listing sites: mega-hyip, invest-tracing, monhyip.

And here we come to the main point, it is worth your attention. Is it really worth to go through all the manipulations, which take so much time and look like a routine job to get the bonus declared. I doubt that, however, some may feel positive about getting this process, so go ahead then!

The admin of Arriels thanks everyone for joining the project. Currently the membership counts more than 3800 active members, who totally deposited more than $300K and withdrawn more than $25K by now. Among the new features added to the site of Arriel there is Skype chat enabled, blogs and more resources for the customer support. Besides the website was translated into Russian. The massive promotional campaign is about to be launched this week. As for other localizations, Spanish version is ready to use, the German one is also ready though not attached yet.

The CryptoFarm HYIP, which is not listed at HYIPNews has issued the first weekly update. In the first newsletter the admin of the project denotes the main idea and the concept of the program, which is to optimize the data centre, which gives profits to investors. Even though the Bitcoin has rate has been fluctuating greatly the admin reported of successful performance and moreover some major improvements are made to the process shortly. With a view to provide investors with maximum information weekly updates on changes and improvements at CryptoFarm are supposed to be delivered on the weekly basis from now on. Another news is hiring new staff for the customer care department.

The Meridian Capital HYIP informs the members on completion of the first week online. In the first newsletter the admin thanks all members and active investors for the trust and support and claims to go on working to make the program stronger every day eventually become leading HYIP online. Apart from that there is an apology and notification of the short downtime of the website during the first week online. As reported due to high level of tech specialists professionalism the problems have been resolved promptly.

The members of Coinbrook have received another newsletter from the admin, saying about recent performance of the project in mining. Basically the update says about adding a special page at Coinbrook that shows 3 unique graphs giving results of the past earnings and profits report. As reported just after 7 days online, there are 1865 miners in total who made purchase of more than $200K and currently are satisfied with the performance. The payments to the miners are processed on a daily basis and in a timely manner. The total amount of the funds paid to the members exceeds $60K by now.

The Nano Industry Investments reported about the domain extension for another period of 10 years. As reported the domain trustworthiness is verified by COMODO EV SSL certificate with the warranty amount of $1,750,000.00. Being verified and secured by Comodo gives the project maximum security as reported by the admin of the project.

EmoneyPlease see the overview of the new important features added by Payza last quarter aimed to improve the checkout service via the merchants. Among the rest the new guest-checkout option has become available at Payza. The new feature allows non-members of Payza to complete payments in a fast and easy way. Among the rest the following new features have been implemented to secure the fast and easy checkout process for both members and non-members: Recurring Billing for subscription payments, Mass Pay for corporate disbursements, Email Invoices, built-in fraud protection, third party shopping-cart integration, and the Payza Resolution Center.

Let us also remind you about the latest changes in the User Agreement which expand the types of businesses Payza works with. According to the new terms of the User Agreement Payza is back with cooperating with more risky income opportunities, including HYIPs. That is definitely some piece of good news both for the admins and the investors, who got a chance to take advantage of using another alternative payment method. More details about the updates and new features added by Payza lately can be found on the official blog of the payment processor.

HYIP quotesAnd here let us proceed with analysing the changes that happened in the HYIP Quotes section with the TOP 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews. There is a leader change and some new programs added. See more details below.

Trading Alliance Limited. Right after the quotation index has reached the mark of 299 points, the rise stopped and the trend changed to declining. The decline though was not so significant. Starting from Tuesday September 16 to Saturday September 20 the points decline was only 20 points. Currently the quotation index of the HYIP is 278 points. The program though still takes the first place in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.

Poker Automatics. Another program, which remained on the second place. The situation with the development of the quotation index is a bit different here. On Wednesday September 19 the index grew up a little bit more to 280 points and remained stable till Sunday. Unfortunately the current week observed the start of the decline for the HYIP, whose index fell 12 points down within one day. Currently it makes 268 points, which is 10 points less than Trading Alliance Limited.

EU5. Things were more or less stable with the first two HYIPs, so this one still takes the third place in the HYIP Quotes section even despite the declining trend, started on Thursday. Overall decline since Tuesday to Sunday is 19 points and currently makes 246 points.

HyipCO. Here things are more positive. After the decline on Thursday the rise of the quotation index was detected. Within just one day on Thursday September 18 the quotation index grew by 17 points. Within the following two days things looked even better. The rise continued up to 264 points by Wednesday and then suddenly the situation has changed and the quotation index has entered another declining trend going down to 246 points on Monday September 22.

GunInvest. The brand new HYIP, added to HYIPNews listing 11 days ago started its rise on Wednesday September 17. The rising trend is still in action. by this Monday the quotation index rose up from 103 to 206 points. 100+ points growth is an incredible result, which actually made it possible for the newcomer to get included in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs include in the HYIP Quotes section. Congratulations!

The situation with the HYIPs included in the HYIP Quotes section looks more or less stable. Even though, nearly all the programs are currently showing the declining trends, four of them managed to remain on the same positions as those taken last Friday. the special attention should be paid to the fifth program, the newly listed at HYIPNews GunInvest, which thanks to the enormous growth of more than 100 points managed to get into the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.

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