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Updated: 06/10/2014 14:30
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We are pleased to offer the HYIP Informational Survey #327 at your attention below. Despite the fact ForexGHQ is not Sticky listed anymore, this HYIP is still a part of the TOP Choice section. ForexGHQ is taking the sixth place. AS for the rest HYIPs, the situation hasn't changed. Two new HYIP opportunities have been added to HYIPNews listing lately. Both HYIPs are positioned as short-term HYIPs. The list of Problem HYIPs is very numerous today, much larger than the Closures section. As for Events section it is not that large.

Top ChoiceLet us have a look at the list of TOP Choice section this Tuesday. There are cetain changes, and first of all, due to the fact there are no Sticky listed HYIPs today.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 215 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
2. In-india Listed: 330 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
3. RemiTrade Listed: 196 daysProfit: 0.3-4% daily!Term: up to 240 business days!
4. GBgroup Listed: 81 daysProfit: 1.2-2% daily!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
5. Global Business Technology Listed: 175 daysProfit: 0.85-1.6% daily 5-9% weekly!Term: up to 200 business days!
6. ForexGHQ Listed: 90 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily, 250-500% after 15-50 days!Term: up to 50 calendar days!
7. Thai Monetary Fund Listed: 224 daysProfit: 1-1.7% daily!Term: up to 80 business days!
8. FinMutual Listed: 151 daysProfit: 1.8-2.6% daily!Term: up to 160 business days!
9. Profitlender Listed: 84 daysProfit: 130-1080% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
10. Albion Union Listed: 210 daysProfit: 0.6-2.4% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!

Despite the fact ForexGHQ is not Sticky listed anymore, this HYIP is still a part of the TOP Choice section.ForexGHQ is taking the sixth place. AS for the rest HYIPs, the situation hasn't changed. No new programs have been added to HYIPNews Choice, andDublin Cryptory is taking the first place in the listing.

OpeningsAnd here below you may see the new programs added to HYIPNews listing within the weekend. There are some news listings, the details of which are there below:

Napier Ltd
3-5% daily for 60 calendar days!
StockINV 55% Daily for 3 days 120-1100% after 1-20 days!
Oil Miners 125-800% after 1-20 days!

Autocapitals Fastpaybitcoin Forex4all Goldenfxinv I-investor Kingofhours Megahourly Originalincome Owealth Pemosfirm Pepperstonefx Potential-adverts Proexpertfx Renstrade Savingsbondscalculator Strongway Supremmoney Werdex Angelsforex Comeonmoney Fastestpayment Vosfund Xtra-cash

Two new HYIP opportunities have been added to HYIPNews listing lately. Both HYIPs are positioned as short-term HYIPs. Although, StockINV offers two types of profit earning: daily profit earning and paid upon the expiry investment plans.Oil Miners in its turn offers only paid-upon-expiry investment plans, with maximum offer of 800% after 20 days. There is also an update in the list of new programs launched within the weekend. The number of new programs is though not very large. Obviously the beginning of summer brings some slowdown to to the industry.

ProblemsThe list of Problem HYIPs is very numerous today, much larger than the Closures section. Among the programs listed as Problem last Friday ATB Union, Capital Classical and Accelerate Fund have resumed Paying and got their positive status back. As for those newly added to Problems section, there are both oldtimers and new HYIPs. The only common thing about them is they are all dangerous for investing. See the programs currently dangerous for investing below.

Paying Fund - not paying
Central HYIP Group - not paying
Fxglonet - not paying
Trading Alliance Limit - not paying
Royal Xchange Fund - not paying
Enterprise Forex - not paying
Real Wallet - not paying
Paywell Invest - not paying
PowerProfit - not paying
Safety Depositary - not paying
Dollard LTD - not paying
FX Point - not paying
Dusit HYIP - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

VIP Premium Roulette (25 days), Private Investment Fund (910 days), VertiFinancial (20 days), MoneyCircuits (20 days), SimaPayment (29 days), SaferInvest (23 days), MayzusInv (52 days), TrueFXCo (13 days), Zippfy (20 days), Smiles Fortune (15 days).

Events The Laxo Trade has issued another newsletters explaining the security importance and the essence of reading the previous news article for the new members especially. In one of the previous newsletters the admin has mentioned about using antivirus software and nowLaxo Trade admin puts a reminder about the necessity to use a unique password anywhere you sign for an account.

The reason for sending this reminder is that two accounts have been illegally accessed from one IP address. Just because of strong efforts done by the team ofLaxo Trade no serious damage has been made to the customers. As it turned out the customers affected were using same passwords anywhere online and hence the security breach has occurred. There is also another advice to use the e-mail provider with 2 factor authentication.

The admin ofLaxo Trade has published the e-mail received from one of the customers, asking to provide more information about the program in the newsletters, particularly about the development and its growth. Answering this request, the admin of Laxo Trade replies with the old old proverb: "No news is good news!" All the customers need to know is that the project is paying stable profit, withdrawals are processed below the 24h limit and tickets are replied accordingly.Laxo Trade is claimed to slowly become leading online investment program and admin is happy about that.

The new program StockINV, added to HYIPNews listing one day ago has issued the first newsletter to the members informing about recent updates done to the website. Particularly to make the project more user-friendly and loyal for the customers, the admin has decided to post daily updates about the company performance on Facebook and website of the project. Good initiative, indeed! We appreciate admins taking care about the news policy of their projects a lot.

As informed by the admin of StockINV, the priority of the team is to: "...make our investors informed as much as possible..." Let's hope we'll get nothing but good news from the admin of StockINV on the daily basis. The start of every project especially the HYIP one is pretty hard. On early stages, there have been some troubles with StockINV. Fortunately the team managed to overcome them.

Currently the project is not listed on many monitoring sites. The reason for that is that StockINV is determined for a long run even though interest rates declared speak of the StockINV HYIP as a short-term HYIP. In that aspect being listed on any possible listing site increases risk for the program to be overfilled with bad votes from those trying to ruin the successful website.

Finally at the end of the current newsletter, the admin of StockINV reports about the clone website: Megahourly.biz and confirms he is not associated with that and warns everyone to stay out from the clone site. In his turn the admin claims he is taking steps required to disconnect the fraudulent website from the network.

Vix Finance is the new program, listed on HYIPNews for 5 days. The project is positioning itself as a short-term HYIP with the profit declared of up to 1200% after 50 days. The admin is taking much care about the news policy and loyalty towards the customers and after 5 days online it managed to issue the second newsletter to the clients of the project.

The newsletter marks 10 days of theVix Finance project online. As reported by the admin, by now the project has gained more than $90K deposits with over 1300 members joined. At the same time, the management has announced two important updates for the project. The first update is launching Live support and the second one is opening Facebook group.

TerraElegance has published some piece of weekend news. The team of the project has been working hard at weekend developing the project. So at the end of tyhe week the admin has prepared some updates for the members. Taking into account the majority of members skip reading the latest news from TerraElegance, from now on the new will be delivered straight to members' accounts, not to miss any important update from the team of the project.

After the skype chat option gained enough popularity, the Rockstar team has been hired for the third skype chat room to support the clients of TerraElegance. The Skype chat #3 is open in Russian. Obviously the project seems to take much attention to the communication between the clients and the team of the project, which is a really good approach.

The Lucrativa Limited HYIP has recently had some issues with CoinBase. As the result of the issue, theLucrativa Limited has been forced to put on hold all incoming and outgoing transfers. Fortunately within 48 hours as promised by the engineers at CoinBase the problems have been solved and all Bitcoin transfers have come back to normal.

RockwellPartners has reported of reaching the 2000 members mark. The project admin welcomes everyone to join the growing project.

Dublin Cryptory has issued the weekly report, which includes both general system statistics and user statistics. The report is based on the period 30/05/14—06/06/14 and compiled from system information, company financial reports and user account information.

HYIP quotes The list of TOP 5 most quoted programs is given below. Current changes of the quotation index and programs' location in TOP 5 are presented in the HYIP Quotes section below:

EU5. The HYIP has shown great improvement of the quotation index within last three days. The growth let it move up to the first place in TOP 5 listing after the quotation index grew up from 120 to 218 points. That is the maximum growth among all the programs listed on TOP.

ForexGHQ. This HYIP remains on the second place and has also improved its positions. Going up with the rating higher than 200 points after the growth from 139 to 215 points, the program has strengthened its positions in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed online.

Dublin Cryptory. The HYIP is currently taking the third place. Just like the first two HYIPs, the growth of the quotation index since last Thursday has been enormous. It didn't manage to overcome the 200 points mark, though it is close to it. In case the growth continues this Friday we have all chances for the HYIP to pass through the 200 points mark.

Finarri. Another HYIP, which has entered the rising trend at the end of the previous week. The overall growth of the quotation index was 80 points. And the current quotation index of the HYIP is 181 points.

RemiTrade. The only program in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs online, which has not shown any improvement and increase of the quotation index. It remains on the same position as the one last Thursday, 173 points.

Four of five programs listed in TOP 5 of the HYIP Quotes section have entered the rising trend and have shown the increase of the quotation index. EU5 has shown maximum growth of 98 points. ForexGHQ andDublin Cryptory have grown for 76 and 58 points accordingly. Finarri has also shown significant growth from 101 to 181 points. The only HYIP, which is a member of TOP 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews, that has not shown any improvement and increase of the rating is RemiTrade, and hence this one was moved to the fifth place in the listing.

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