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Updated: 01/20/2015 15:20
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The Events section in the Informational Survey #374 includes news from the HYIPs online concerning the troubles with EgoPay, server issues and some milestones reached. As for Top Choice and Hyip Quotes sections the leader changed due to the removal of Nano Industry Investments from the TOP. There is an update on the EgoPay issue in the Emoney section.

The Openings section being not that large is still updated with three new HYIPs added to HYIPNews listing: one to Premium and two added to Free listing. As for Problems the list is twice longer, while the list of closed HYIPs is rather short. The Events section today includes news from the HYIPs online concerning the troubles with EgoPay, server issues and some milestones reached.

Special attention to EgoPay troubles is taken in the Emoney section of the Hyip Informational Survey, showing the latest news from EgoPay trying to explain the reasons for the troubles to take place. As for Hyip Quotes section, it is also different. Most programs are currently in decline. More information can be accessed below in the Hyip Informational Survey #374:

Top Choice HYIPsThe Top Choice section today is a bit different from the one on Friday. Take a look at the details below:

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Assured Assets Listed: 300 days Profit: 0.8-1.4% daily! Term: up to 190 business days!
2. Ogden Organization Listed: 294 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Albion Union Listed: 434 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
4. C-7 Listed: 347 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. 3-Business Listed: 348 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
6. Poker Automatics Listed: 152 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
7. Blue Sky Asset Listed: 216 days Profit: up to 15% daily! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
8. ACN Futures Listed: 80 days Profit: 2.2-2.7% daily up to 460% after 5 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
9. BITC1 Listed: 52 days Profit: 2.4-2.7% daily for 15-55 days 250-600% after 30-60 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
10. LexiFund Listed: 35 days Profit: 3-5% daily! Term: for lifetime!

There are several major changes today in the Top Choice section. First of all, it needs to be said that Nano Industry Investments, which has been on TOP for a while has been assigned with AWAITING status after we received numerous complaints from the members, who are suffering delayed payouts. The same is the situation with InvestFond, the HYIP, which used to be on the tenth place and now assigned with AWAITING status accordingly.

BITC1 has been removed from Sticky listing, still that hasn't stopped it from being placed to the ninth place of the Top Choice section today. There is also a change of the leader. Assured Assets moved from the third to the first place. So did the rise occurred with C-7, the HYIP that changed places with 3-Business. One new program has replaced the InvestFond on the tenth place. LexiFund, which is offering 3-5% daily for the lifetime of the project, which is by the way only 35 days.

HYIPs OpeningsThere are three new HYIPs added to HYIPNews listing lately. See the presentation below:

DEC Investment 12% daily, 115-220% after 3-15 days!
Real Estate Investment 1% daily for lifetime, 2% daily for 60 days!
SolidMargin 130%-1750% after 1-30 days, 85% daily for 2 days!

Dollarprofit Eagleprofit Gainprof Hightech-alliance Merriman-capital Nanohourly Petrol-pay Skill-invest

There are actually not many new HYIPs launched recently. At the same time among the short list of those launched three HYIPs were added to HYIPNews listing. DEC Investment, offering short-term investment opportunity with two types of investment plans and Real Estate Investment are added to free listing, while SolidMargin is added to Premium.

HYIP ProblemsLast Friday there was a limited number of HYIPs in the Problems section and quite a number of programs in the Closures list. Today the situation is as follows. One HYIP Trade Focus has managed to recover and restored the Paying status on major hyip monitors. Other three HYIPs are still Problem, though not moved to Closures section yet.

The list of Problem programs this time is twice larger than the one of Friday. As for Closures, the list is very short and basically includes only the HYIPs, which have been previously listed at HYIPNews and now got scammed due to various reasons, be it the problems with EgoPay or other external ones, no matter what they are not paying and now moved to Closures list, which means they turned into scams.

Nano Industry Investments - not paying
Investfond - not paying
FI Finances Ltd - not paying
Hourly Interest - not paying
Buildins Inv - not paying
Binary-trade - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

OilPalas (42 days), Storm Betting (55 days), Polish Invest Shop (70 days), Grand Agro Finance (161 days), 1 Hour Invest (8 days).

HYIP EventsThe admin of eCorp Inv reported about some fake site, which is trying to imitate the original website of the program. Make sure every time you try to log in, it's the original site with the domain: ecorp-inv.com.

Crypto Strategy is three months online. As reported since the launch time more than 38K of members joined the project with the total deposit amount of more than $30mln. The entire team of the project is working hard to make the investment opportunity reliable and attractive investment source. The main update is the termination of EgoPay investments. Due to recent troubles with this payment processor this payment system has been removed from the list of supported e-currencies at Crypto Strategy.

Coin Assets has been offline a couple of days ago due to server problem. As reported, there was an issue outside the datacenter where the server and Anti-DDoS gateway are located on. The repairs have been made and the website got back online soon. All withdrawals pendign have been paid out and currently the website is functioning properly.

SolCapital has become another HYIP, which dropped EgoPay. Due to recent issues, the project was forced to terminate working with EgoPay. As for the deposits via Egopay they are expected to be all refunded. As the replacement there is an update concerning Payza to be added to SolCapital soon.

The update from Combo Credit, the HYIP added to HYIPNews a week ago, has been delivered to the members. The newsletter informs on completing first week online, which means early investors are already in profit. The admin is sure that is a real proof the program is now paying everyone with no delays.

BITC1, which is no longer sticky listed at HYIPNews, though it still remains in the TOP Choice section of the HYIPNews listing taking the 9th place. The project has been listed with us for 52 days. At the same time, the latest newsletter reports on completing 200 days online. Within this time, the project and the team of BITC1 has been trying hard to provide best services possible for the customers.

By now the membership of of the project counts 12K investors and as the admin says it's just the beginning of the long journey. Every single day, every specialist has been working hard to meet every expectation of the customers. Some major achievements have been made: multi language support was added. Live Chat and Phone support have been integrated. Currently there are 4 operators for the Live Chat section available and 3 operators for the Phone Support. The regional representative program has been introduced to public. "Representative Page" can be checked to find someone in your region to speak your language.

To mark the completion of 200 days online BITC1 team introduces the referral contest for the members. From 19th of January 2015 year, if you bring referral who made deposit with more than $2,001.00 per one time you will get additional bonus 3% from every such deposit. Also if you bring more than 5 active investors with deposit more than $501, you will get Extra bonus $100. That is a great opportunity to earn more passive income by means of active referral promotion.

EmoneyEvery HYIP investor is now aware of the troubles with EgoPay. The payment system is now dropped by the majority of HYIP programs and exchange services, due to the accounts being locked and withdrawals not paid by the system.

For a while there was no explanation or any official statement from the EgoPay authorities and yesterday the members and customers received some sort of the explanation, which looks more like an attempt to somehow prolong the existence of the service and calm down the naive customers.

The admin is taking about some hacker issues and problems with customer support service with one word at the end, saying things are getting to normal. I tend not to trust this explanation at least for now. Here is the full text of the newsletter delivered to EgoPay customers:

"Egopay News Laters
Please accept our sincerest apologies in the lack of communication and transparency. This is what has happened since end of the year (Dec 2014):
- there was a hack and that is why all the merchant related services were turned off. This happened at a time when we had a lack of personnel between Christmas and New Year
- there is talks with an outside investor who is doing due diligence.

Tickets slowed down since there were no more employees to handle it, however this is getting resolved as a new team is being assembled to handle this. The services are coming back online already along with any exploits already cut off. Please stay tuned for more news after this weekend"

HYIP QuotesThe latest changes in the trend of the quotation indexes of the TOP 5 most quoted HYIPs listed at HYIPNews are the re in the Hyip Quotes section below:

Ogden Organization. After the program reached its all-time maximum of 357 points on Saturday January 10 the decline of the quotation index started. The following day the program lost 50 points and then kept on falling down to 285 points on Wednesday January 14. Even though the decline is obvious the program managed to get on the first place due to the problems with Nano Industry Investments, which is now moved to problems section.

Poker Automatics. The HYIP used to take the third place and now it moved to the second place. Just like the first program, the decline started and within one day the program lost nearly 200 points on Thursday January 13. Fortunately after that the trend changed again and the quotation index began to grow again. At first the project recovered 100 points and then within two days the performance of the HYIP was rather stable. The current quotation index is 264 points and the trend is rising. It's the second place.

BITC1. The trend of the HYIP is declining, however it moved one position up due to the problems with Nano Industry Investments. Just like the first two HYIPs it lost many points after reaching the all-time maximum on Monday. Since then the index started to go down. The fall is not that rapid though. From Tuesday January 13 till Friday January 16 the quotation index decreased from 248 down to 232 points. That is the third place for now.

Bond Dot. The HYIP used to be a newcomer and now moves to the fourth position in the Hyip Quotes section, even though the trend of the HYIP is declining. 120 loss was detected on Tuesday and then the quotation index began going down slowly to 184 points on Friday January 16.

Albion Union. It's been a long time since this HYIP has been a part of the Hyip Quotes section. Today it takes the fifth place for after the rapid decline from 212 to 168 points, it has been showing stable performance since Saturday till Wednesday January 14. The current quotation index of the HYIP is 164 points, which is still enough for taking the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes section.

Special attention in the Hyip Quotes section should be taken to the entire declining trend of the majority of HYIPs included. All but one are in decline. The only program, which is currently observing the rising trend is Poker Automatics. Nano Industry Investments has been blacklisted and hence removed from the Hyip Quotes section.

Albion Union is worth speaking of. It's been a while since this TOP HYIP has been included to the Hyip Quotes section. So far it's just the fifth place, still everything is ahead for it. Ogden Organization is now taking the lead and other HYIPs moved one position up accordingly after the collapse of Nano Industry Investments.

HYIPNews EventsDue to the troubles, which recently occurred with EgoPay payment system, as the result of which the funds remain locked on members' accounts and withdrawal are impossible, we are not able to get the withdrawal from your program and hence to monitor your activity as a paying HYIP.

In order to continue our cooperation with the admins of HYIP programs listed, where EgoPay deposits remain active and provide us with all the tools required for proper monitoring we recommend all HYIPs listed to move our deposit from EgoPay to Perfect Money.

As a bonus for the change of the payment processor we offer the HYIP admins banners for the period of one week. The total regular price for the banners is $144.93, we are offering to add them FOR FREE as a bonus. In addition we'll provide you with Ads in Survey published 4 times. All we need from you is to change the payment profile on our account from EgoPay to Perfect Money.

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