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Updated: 12/06/2016 15:25
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #533 observing stable performance of hyips in the Best Choice and changes observed in the Top Performers section. See HourPay going blacklisted and hence removed from Top Performers. One newcomer is introduced in the Openings section, as for the Problems section there are less problem programs there than last time and a list of those blacklisted in the Closures section, which also includes a number of those listed at HyipNews. Some latest hyip news from the programs online are presented in the Events section. The update from Payza concerning the importance of using API running online business is presented in the Emoney section today. The Hyip Quotes update is also provided below.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #533 published this Tuesday.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. Zooo Listed: 676 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
2. CME Trades Listed: 367 days Profit: 2.3-5% daily! Term: up to 50 calendar days!
3. Dowerly Listed: 348 days Profit: 0.2-2.5% daily! Term: up to 140 calendar days!
4. PokerAdv Listed: 411 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily 12-24% monthly! Term: up to 180 calendar days
5. D-Dollar Listed: 280 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: up to 800 calendar days!
6. In-Delhi Listed: 278 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

1. 24pays Listed: 227 days Profit: 2.14-12.4% hourly 24-48 hours! Term: up to 2 calendar days!
2. HourDeposit Listed: 238 days Profit: 1.2-21% hourly for 24-96 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
3. Deposit Portal Listed: 222 days Profit: 1.1-5.6% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!
4. Instant Coin Listed: 185 days Profit: 0.9-10% hourly! Term: up to 100 hours!
5. GoDeposit Listed: 223 days Profit: 110-200% after 3-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
6. BitWallet Listed: 147 days Profit: 1-4% hourly for 72-120 hours 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 120 hours!
7. Fastbitpay Listed: 155 days Profit: up to 1.28-30% hourly! Term: up to 100 hours!
8. PerfectBtc Listed: 132 days Profit: 1.08-2% hourly for 96 hours 125-500% after 1-5 days! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
9. Derive Money Listed: 165 days Profit: up to 15% hourly! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
10. HourBitcoin Listed: 134 days Profit: 0.8-1.5% hourly up to 120 hours 2-6% hourly up to 60 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!

There are no sticky listing programs here in the Top Choice today. Moreover we are pleased to say Best Choice programs have shown stable performance as no changes were detected within last four days. As for Top Performers section, there are certain changes and updates.

HourPay hyip, which used to be a part of Top Performers last Friday is now blacklisted and included to the Closures section. GetMyAds moved one place down and was replaced by HourBitcoin on the tenth place. Another program is back to the Top Performers section on the eighth place, PerfectBtc, which replaced HourPay.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Dowerly. As we can see from the latest stats starting from November 30 the program entered the rising trend as the quotation index was growing smoothly. The growth continued till December 3 when the index finally reached it's all-time maximum of 240 points.

After that things changed just as the trend did. The index started to go down. On December 4 the decline was not that significant and the following day the index fell down massively from 234 to 210 points, which is still enough for the first place and Dowerly still remains the only program with the quotation index mark above 200.

Capitaller. As well as Dowerly the program's quotation index was rising till December 3 and then decline occurred. The quotation index moved down to 234 points first and the most significant decrease was observed on December 5, when the index moved down from 234 to 192 points and left this one nearly 20 points behind its competing program, the one it used to share th first place with before, Dowerly. So today Capitaller is taking the second place with the index below 200 points.

PokerAdv. A very similar trend to the first two hyips in the Hyip Quotes TOP 5 was observed with this one, taking the third place till December 3. On December 2 it reached 216 points and remained stable for two days. After that slight decline to 213 points was observed, then followed with a massive one to 189 points, which is still 12 points higher than the index shown on December 1. So it's a decline with a positive outcome for PokerAdv.

Stable Power. We are pleased to welcome this program in the Hyip Quotes TOP 5 for the first time. Stable Power entered the TOP 5 and moved to the fourth place thanks to the growing trend observed since the end of November till December 3, when within just six days the index grew from 69 to 152 points. Unfortunately during the last two days the trend changed and the program lost 18 points, which is still enough for taking the fourth place.

DeriveMoney, Zinc7 and GoDeposit. Three programs are sharing the fifth place. DeriveMoney has been showing more or less stable performance with a bit of a rise to 128 points and then back to 125 points on December 4, remaining stable further on. The performance of Zinc7, on the contrary was changing. Since the end of November the quotation index was rising and reached 152 points on December 3. After that it started to go down and reached 125 points by December 5. The performance of GoDeposit was also stable with some fluctuation detected on December 2-4.

Today we are glad to welcome seven programs in the Hyip Quotes section as three of them are sharing fifth place with the same points. The leader remains Dowerly being currently the only hyip with the quotation index above 200. Capitaller is falling behind and PokerAdv is taking the third place with only three points less than the one taking the second place.

We are also please to meet the newcomer of the Hyip Quotes section. Stable Power has been showing great performance, thanks to which its quotation index grew from 69 to 152 points within six days. More information on the performance and development of the programs in the Hyip Quotes of the Hyip Information Survey #533 above.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online within last four days.

Cloud Mining Pool 7-20% daily up to 20 calendar days!

Alibabainv Bitshedge Chipsandprofit Coincorp Coinment Cryptowealthfund Daily200 Deposit-nano Global4xreturn Goldcoders-investment Mk-2 One-double Polluxinc Profits200 Redolix Solex-fund Usabestinvest

There is a decent number of new programs launched as you can see from the list above. As for the only program added to HyipNews listing lately, CryptoMiningPool is offering daily payouts up to 20% for the investment period of up to 20 days. The promo presentation of CryptoMiningPool has been published on the HyipNews newsline. You can see more information and overview of the project following the link above.

HYIP Problems
Today the good news is that two programs: MajestyInv and Titan Bank, which were Problem on Friday, are back and seem to be paying, at least for now. Let it be some trial period for those two hyips, though for now everything looks to be back to normal.

There is also another interesting situation around one hyip, which was blacklisted last time. BreamFX, which stopped paying on November 26 suddenly completed the payouts on December 3. We assigned the hyip with Awaiting status for now to investigate the issue with other investors. No matter what, so far investing to this hyip is not recommended. We'll stay tuned and update you on the situation with the hyip on Friday.

As for the new programs, we are sorry to say HourPay hyip, which has been paying hourly for 160 days, is now blacklisted and naturally removed from the Top Choice. The list of other closed hyips is rather numerous. As for the Problem programs - there are four of them today.

AxTrades 2016 - not paying
Investment Guru - not paying
Paycoin FX Ltd - not paying
TP FXP PRO LTD - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Earning Hike (146 days), Forex 2 Daily Pvt Ltd (63 days), Echo Mines Ltd (69 days), Topbit Hourly (30 days), FX Trade Group (10 days), Astoria Forex Group (10 days), Wealth Manager (762 days), PalUnion (47 days), YiwuWorld (6 days), HourPay (160 days), Trusted 100 (60 days), Power Wind Technologies (18 days), Bond Fund International (16 days), Nublu Investments (4 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Check the news from the hyips online below. The Superminers hyip is moving forward and moves to new markets aiming for the increase of the members' profits, as the admin claims. With a view to make the website more popular it has been translated to Chinese, since the language is spoken by more than 1.3 billion people throughout the world.

Also for the customers' convenience the links to social pages of the project on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are located on the main page. The social pages can be used to share reviews and provide information support to promote Superminers hyip and earn from referral program. Most active social network users are also additionally awarded by the managers of the company.

TrueBit gladly informs members about adding of two new payment options. From now on Neteller and Skrill are accepted to process the payments and deposits. The payments and deposits to the newly added systems will be processed manually, which is why customers are informed of the possible delay up to 6 hours before the payment is done (normally about 1 hour). The minimum deposit amount for Neteller and Skrill is $10 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

Mexeer introduces representative section, which has been so long-awaited for the members. From now on anyone willing to develop meXeer platform can apply to become a representative of the company and begin the development of their structure with more interesting offers.

Once appointed for the position of the company representative one gets Privileged status, contacts posted on the website, extra referral revenues, access to leadership chats and also, which is the most interesting thing, some budget from the company to spend on the project development.

RightRise announced November's winners in the competition for the best video review pf the project. Here are the names: Mike – USD 500.00, Gaston – USD 300.00, Millioninvestor – USD 100.00. The links to the reviews are there on the website of the project.

Another program, Razzleton, offers bonuses for making a video story of using the project and uploading it to one of the popular video sharing website. The winners will get 5%-15% bonus to the sum of your deposit or fund withdrawal transaction. Unlimited number of videos can be uploaded by a single user.

E-money News
Payza seems to pay much of attention towards the security and convenience of the customers and payments processing. In the latest article posted on the official Payza blog, the importance of using API (application program interfaces) to optimize online business is explained in a detailed way.

Simply put, an API (application program interfaces) is an interface that allows two parties to communicate with each other, whether this is technologies, platforms, databases, operating systems, etc. APIs are one of the building blocks of the digital economy. They are little seen and often taken for granted – but by leveraging this technology in a smart and strategic way, your online business can be elevated to a whole new level.

You should be aware of facts how using APIs can actually improve your business. With their help one can introduce new features such as sending notifications when an order has shipped, discounts for preferred customers, reminders when their product is due for an update, and many more.

Using API one can also improve the Post-Purchase Experience increasing the efficiency of your back office. Another advantage of using APIs for online businesses is the opportunity to serve customers in a full way fitting the products and services to their needs to the utmost.

Any online business can benefit from leveraging APIs in a smart and strategic way and making them foundational to your business strategy. More information on benefits from using APIs running online business can be found on the official Payza blog.

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