HYIP Informational Survey (February 381)

Updated: 02/13/2015 20:29
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The HYIP Informational Survey #381 is now published at HYIPNews. We are observing some stable performance of HYIPs in the TOP Choice section. As for the list of new programs, today the readers may observe two premium listed HYIP, which are potential old-timers. The current list of problem HYIPs is very small, unlike the list of Closed HYIPs, which includes a number of programs as well as some those, which used to be listed at HYIPNews and now turned into scams.

As for Events section, there are updates from a number of HYIPs online. The Emoney section offers news from SolidTrustPay, OKPAY and Payeer.

More information about the development of the HYIP industry can be accessed in the HYIP Informational Survey #381 below:

Top Choice HYIPsWe are glad to present your, dear readers with the update on the TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews.

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 458 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. 3-Business Listed: 372 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
3. Ogden Organization Listed: 318 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
4. C-7 Listed: 371 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. Poker Automatics Listed: 176 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
6. BITC1 Listed: 76 days Profit: 2.4-2.7% daily for 15-55 days 250-600% after 30-60 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
7. Blue Sky Asset Listed: 240 days Profit: up to 15% daily! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
8. Crypto Strategy Listed: 116 days Profit: 3-4% daily up to 1000% after 75 days! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
9. ACN Futures Listed: 104 days Profit: 2.2-2.7% daily up to 460% after 5 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!
10. LexiFund Listed: 56 days Profit: 3-5% daily! Term: for lifetime!

Sticky Listing There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

Absolute Union 3-5% daily for lifetime!

Here we go again the Top Choice section does not include any new HYIPs. The only change again is the rise of the rating position of Crypto Strategy from tenth to eighth. Two others, ACN Futures and LexiFund have moved one position down each. Besides Absolute Union, which is a new program has ordered the Sticky listing for a week.

HYIPs OpeningsPlease see the list of new programs launched recently and added to the Openings section of the Hyip Informational Survey #381.

Absolute Union 3-5% daily for lifetime!
UMO1 2-3.5% daily up to 78 business days!

12in Alternativo Axiafinance Efs-invest Fxprofit24 G-cloud-invest Goldinvest1979 Grandfundltd Inter-trade Multicryptos Financialempirelimited

This Friday the HYIP Informational Survey #381 presents you, dear readers, with two new HYIPs added to HYIPNews listing lately. Absolute Union is a long-term HYIP offering averaged daily interests (3-5% daily) for the project's lifetime. The second one, UMO1 provides nearly the same interest rate (2-3.5% daily), though the investment term has been defined exactly (up to 78 business days). The list of HYIPs launched within last three days is a bit longer than the one on Tuesday.

HYIP ProblemsThe Closures section today includes a number of the HYIPs, which used to be listed at HYIPNews for a while and turned into scams within just three days since this Tuesday. These are the names of HYIPs dangerous for investing: Real Estate Inv, eCorp Inv, Blue Diamond Trade. As for Nano Industry Investments, this HYIP has been Problem for a while and now we finally moved it to the blacklist.

As for the list of Problem HYIPs from the Hyip Informational Survey on Tuesday they are all expect one moved to the Closures section. As for Eurostar Bank this HYIP remains Problem. The new list of Problem programs is very short, as you can see below, while the list of Closed ones is much larger than last time.

City Build Trade - not paying
Coin Assets - not paying
Aurum-Empire - not paying
NuclearFund - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Nano Industry Investments (178 days), Majestic Swan (38 days), Welton Capitals (15 days), HOBOFx Limited (27 days), Public Investing (36 days), Real Estate Inv (24 days), eCorp Inv (28 days), Blue Diamond Trade (91 days), Tokyo Star (10 days), Morning Start (12 days), Internal Revenue (10 days), Iotook Inc (50 days).

HYIP EventsCrypto Strategy is a TOP listed HYIP at HYIPNews. As the majority of other HYIPs working with Payeer it has been affected with the recent downtime of this payment system, see the news about it following the link. Fortunately for the investors of this HYIP, by now as the Payeer website got back online all pending withdrawals have been paid. In case for some reason you have any pending withdrawals not approved, you should better cancel it and place the new request or contact the support for assistance.

Apart from the Payeer issue the latest newsletter from Crypto Strategy gladly informs about more than 20 regional representatives around the world by now working officially with Crypto Strategy. The representatives networks is planned to be expanded further on in coming months. As the admin says, the team of the project develops the strategy to popularize the service all over the world. Basically due to this purpose the representative program has been introduced.

One more time, there is a reminder, the representative system from Crypto Strategy gives a perfect opportunity to join the tram of professionals and earn good commission from the deposits made by your downlines. In order to apply for the position of the regional representative it is required to fill in the application form and contact the support of the project inquiring about open positions. Once the position is reviewed, the support of Crypto Strategy will contact you with the details.

Let's see if there are many news updates from the HYIPs online since recently. Actually there are some and we are pleased to deliver them at your attention, dear customers. First of all the admin of HipsterInvest reported the integration of the Russian language version of the website. The admin of the project keeps on promoting it. Apart from adding the Russian localization, both Russian and English speaking resources are constantly added as the promotional tools.

Andy, the admin of BTPerfex thanks all members for the great support provided to the project. He claims the program is currently the most popular and profitable investment site since the beginning of 2015. Which is why being loyal to the customers, Andy reminds all not to forget posting payment proofs on popular forums and blogs as well as not to forget voting on listing sites. Active referral activity is also highly appreciated.

The CashGenBot HYIP was only launched some days ago. HYIPNews does not list this HYIP yet, though the program is interested in the number of news updates issued within just one day and the speed the team of the project integrates new updates with. Nearly immediately after the program launch there comes the notification saying Skype Chat was added. The Skype Username to find is 'cashgenbot'.

Nearly some hours later the members of CashGenBot have received another piece of news saying about best efforts taken to make the program one of the best online. Apart from some words of loyalty, there has been a word about some contest to be launched soon. Basically the project seems to have lots of plans. Let's see how it grows further on. They have also updated the 103% after 1 day plan and made the minimum deposit accepted to be $5 now.

EmoneyYou are welcome to read the latest news from the payment processors used in the HYIP industry. SolidTrustPay published a short message congratulating all the customers and their families on the St. Valentine's Day. There is no notice about any delays with payments, for it's not an official holiday of course.

OKPAY has published the news regarding the decrease of the commission fee for moving the funds from customers' OKPAY accounts to Visa QIWI USD. The Visa QIWI (USD) can be found in the Electronic Payment Systems section of the withdrawal page inside the member area. The commission fee is now 1%.

Earlier on February 8 Payeer reported about scheduled maintenance of the website. During the maintenance all transactions through Payeer were impossible. Unfortunately the maintenance took more time than expected. However fortunately on February 10, the Payeer exchange network has successfully resumed its work. All functions including withdrawals and deposits have been resumed. The API has been re-enabled again. By now there are no problems with completing payouts through the Payeer gateway.

HYIP QuotesWe are pleased to deliver the update on the TOP 5 most quoted programs among those listed.

BITC1. As we can see the program remains on the first place in the list, however the general trend is declining. The matter is that starting from Saturday the quotation index began falling down and by Monday February 9 the index made 266 points. At the same time that is still enough to take the first place.

Ogden Organization. The program managed to get close to TOP from the fourth to the second place. It was possible thanks to the end of decline and the change of the trend to rising. Within just two days since February 5 to February 7 the quotation index grew by 22 points. Due to that the program managed to pass through the competitors and move to the second place, which is only 14 points less than the first place.

Poker Automatics. The last several days can be fairly characterized as the end of stable performance for this HYIP. Indeed, starting from Saturday till Monday the quotation index has been going down and down and eventually on February 9 it stopped on the mark of 240 points, which is 24 points less than the quotation index of this HYIP last time.

Bond Dot. This is another HYIP, which lost one place in the TOP 5 list of most quoted HYIPs. Being on the fourth place, we may observe the declining trend of the HYIP quotation index. Starting from Saturday the index kept on falling and finally on Monday, February 9 it stopped on 198 points, which is 50 points less than three days ago.

Altex Strategy. The HYIP, taking the fifth place in the HYIPNews monitor is a part of the Hyip Quotes section for the first time. The program is only 22 days old and it's worth mentioning that starting from February 4 the rise of the quotation index has been the most significant. It was going up and up till it reached the all-time maximum of 208 points and then, unfortunately, some changes occurred. At first the index decreased then rose again and finally on Thursday February 12 it entered another decline and fell down to 192 points. At the same time it is enough for the HYIP to take the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes section.

We may observe that the majority of HYIPs have entered the declining trend after the stable performance or a rising trend detected. Due to that such programs as Poker Automatics and Bond Dot lost one positions each. BITC1, which is still taking the lead is also in decline now, however for now it managed to remain on TOP. At the same time Ogden Organization is currently the only HYIP among TOP 5, which has recently entered the rising trend. There is also a newcomer to the Hyip Quotes section, Altex Strategy, the index of which has been rising since the very start of the program 22 days ago.

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