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The interview with Director of Corporate Affairs from WebMoney WM from July 28 2008 was pretty boring, Even the resume which Abby has given out

The interview with Director of Corporate Affairs from WebMoney (WM) from 28.07.2008 was pretty boring. Even the resume which Abby has given out yesterday, could not recover it (sorry, dear). There is nothing surprising in it. Representative of WebMoney this time was suspiciously taciturn and has got off with vast phrases. The answers to some questions were literally citations from other interviews, the applications sounded in July of 2006 year and in the end 2007 were especially recognized. In a word, anything new.

Though, one moment has surprised me. Darakhvelidze for the first time on my memory he openly uses abbreviation like HYIP. It is not accepted. And here -two times at once. In fact there was no question about it... Well all right then. We shall investigate it later. Except for interview, change User Agreement of WebMoney and entering into it item #25. To forbidden we can refer calculations with the financial or payment systems which are not providing a sufficient level of person identification. And I want to talk with you about it.

Events of the last week developed in following sequence: first e-gold asks to stop automatically exchange (in the publication of the founder), then Department of USA Justice publishes the verdict, then the twenty fifth item of amendments from WebMoney.

WM mentions Dr. Douglas Jackson in the same place where the application for the termination of exchange operations on e-Gold is published. This mention became ambiguous enough attack which we have accepted for a sight in the future. But Chairmen of e-Gold Ltd. Looks in the past. And in the past there was much in common at WM with e-Gold. And joint crusades against criminality, and mutually advantageous information interchange. E-Gold and WM coexisted or even "cooperated". And criminals were helpless. Moreover, looking back on about 5 years ago, it is possible to say, that these two have done greate work. I mean even putting everything in order no matter how strange it may sound. But what has changed?

The first, e-Gold has finally fallen into disgrace. The limited bureaucrats, not even realizing what this is all about, begin a public execution. The second, on 20th of July 2007 year at WM entered the currency of new type - WMG or WebMoney Gold. In yesterday's interview, no matter how strange it was, WMG is mentioned casually. And in vain - cause in the list of item *25 appears gold-backing currencies, being a direct competitor of WMG...

Now it is hard to say, what has actually occurred. Dr. Douglas has hardly accused WM in his last word without any computation. As WM in turn accuses e-Gold (if trust to interview with Peter Darakhvelidze). WM is on Panama and as a matter of fact, does not get in process of e-Gold reprisals directly. But there are levers which can hurt even without that. But only when real scales of "cooperation" are worthy. The owner e-Gold Ltd., has let know clearly, that not going to cover WebMoney Transfer. And in 18 hours Russian company was discharged from e-Gold so far as it possible at a documentary level, for such short period of time. It has particularly FORBIDDEN clients to purchase e-gold, as dialogue with lepers.

WM was always little bit closer to the reality. In a chain of various remittance schemes they with e-Gold made an organic tandem. And just now it is possible to guess the real scales of this interrelation. without it WebMoney Transfer should be guided by reasons of competitive struggle. But to struggle with dying is even not nobly. The last variant, which is very popular now, is a suspicion WM in attempt of carrying out cheap PR actions. But it is not the most good PR from possible: exchangers have substituted, have limited freedom of clients, has turned away from the friend, eventually. If it is a PR, then only for US authorities to which WebMoney Transfer according to Director of Corporate Affairs is not going to come even close and... afraid very much.

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