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Elixtrade Finance Corp claimed their company registered in file 478617 since May 17, 2005 in the Public Registry of Panama and operating since 2005

Elixtrade Finance Corp. claimed their company registered in file #478617 since May 17, 2005 in the Public Registry of Panama and operating since 2005, when it was first established as a private company by two former JPMorgan derivatives traders. Registered in file :)

Elixtrade Finance Corp. Century Plaza Office Tower,
20th Floor, Office Nr.7.
Panama City

Telephone: + (00) 507-202-1419
FAX: + (00) 507-996-3177
E-mail: info@elixtrade.com

Customer Service:
Telephone: + (00) 507-202-1589
E-mail: customer@elixtrade.com

This company is using data of Tradelite to mislead its visitors. Elixtrade copy tradelite's contact numbers, corporate address and even information from Trade Elite's website. Elixtrade plan is very similar to tradelite too.

Also, all testimonials post stolen from tradelite
Actually I not belive this program. Just a total copy of Tradelite's website - don't trust them. You may be say : that most HYIPs scam, cheat etc. Yes right but this one has obviously stolen data from other HYIP, this is a very bad signal.

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