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This is not going to be an article about some long lost special technique that no one has ever heard of before It is not the magic

This isn't going to be an article about some long lost special technique that no one has ever heard of before. It's not the 'magic button' to whisk you away to internet glory. It's not about how to finally rid yourself of the 9 to 5 blues. It is however, something you should plan for and something you should seriously consider once your business is starting to gain some ground.

Thank goodness for Cat Heiter!

Cat is a unique story. I met her when we were both involved in MPAM (a very old downline builder) and we got along great since day one. Back then, I had just taken the reigns at I Love Hits and was doing all the support and customer service myself. I did enjoy it, but it took a lot of my time up. Cat, was trying to get her own business off the ground and started to offer her services to various traffic exchanges.

What was her service? Simple, she would be the customer support and service admin for different programs. She was doing it at MPAM, so she branched out into the traffic exchange industry. She offered to handle I Love Hits and I was at cross road?

I mean, I Love Hits was my baby. It was my bread and butter and something I care about deeply. I was VERY scared to let go and give control of the inner workings of it to Cat. Not that I didn't trust Cat, I just felt like I had to be involved in the day to day operations of I Love Hits.

But, I let go?

Cat took over the service side of I Love Hits and here's some numbers to think about. When I was running the complete operation of I Love Hits, we generated about 20-30 new members a day. Since Cat came on board, we are now averaging about 50-70. That's double. Why? I could concentrate on promoting and building I Love Hits, and Cat could take care of the service side of things.

It was perfect. So much so, that she now does support for every one of my programs, from SWAT Traffic to Affiliate Funnel. Again, this is not a magic button, this is not an instant riches program. This is something you will need to consider once your business starts to take off.

One of the people responsible for me to finally 'let go' was Mike Paetzold. Mike and me hang out daily in the SWAT Traffic training room and for years he was telling me to let go and concentrate on building the programs around me. Mike even took it one step further this week and wrote one of the most important e-books I have ever read called Easily Outsource.

This is one of those books that will never be a best seller, simply because only a handful of people will 'get it'. It took me a few years to 'get it' but Mike kicked me in the rear a few times and his new e-book is something any serious entrepreneur should keep handy.

Outsourcing is a golden nugget. It's the different between 50 new people joining your mailing list a day compared to 20. It allows you much more freedom and above all else, allows you to build YOUR business and bring new people into your circle of influence.

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