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MLM Prospecting Socializing In Your Living Room from MLM Dream Team Blog by Kerri A sitting room in the United Kingdom Original Image via

MLM Prospecting = Socializing In Your Living Room from MLM Dream Team Blog by Kerri A sitting room in the United Kingdom. Original... Image via Wikipedia We are in a new world. Who said that the network marketing system involved only Amway? Today, direct sellers no longer go a-knocking from one to door to another, rather, they are now selling from living room to living room, amidst parties and workshops where potential customers abound. Truly, the term sociable has new meanings ? from the World Wide Web to direct selling - it has allowed collaborative work and in the case of mlm companies, an approximated $32.18 billion in sales in 2006 from $22.21 billion in 1997, with the median income currently estimated at $2,400 a year. According to the direct selling association, this increase in sales can be associated to the new lead generation system used by several companies today. With the busy work schedule of most people today, its always the social engagement thats being sacrificed in lieu of a deadline or work-related activities. For people who are engaged with direct selling, they no longer have to cancel appointments with family and friends since they can now earn their income while hanging out with the people theyd love to be with. But this isnt the only advantage of socialized direct selling. Getting into a relaxing atmosphere can help set the mood and will allow direct sellers to more sales. We all know how important it is to be able to shop in a comfortable environment. We also know how important it is to get a second opinion when buying anything ? that?s why we always bring a close friend or a relative to give us advice on how new clothes fit us, or if a new beauty product is worth the money to spend. So why go to the mall if you shop in peace at home while talking to your mother on the phone and watching the kids swim? If you are the direct seller, why go door-to-door when you can actually sit in your friends living room talking about the benefits of the product you are selling and at times exchanging juicy rumors? Convenience and familiarity ? these are the two most important factors to be considered when working on your multi level marketing opportunity.

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