Updated: 10/14/2008 22:11
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Hello everyone, Its been long since our last publishment of AggeroInvestment interview as we were on a long weekend. Although, weekend is now over

Hello everyone, Its been long since our last publishment of AggeroInvestment interview as we were on a long weekend. Although, weekend is now over, its time for work again. This time, we are going to present to you a site which has proven to be a brilliantly organized program named WOIP. They have been online since december last year and have been paying really well and their transparency shows in their blog which is WOIP-News.

Their plans are not very attractive, yet very catchy to the eye. They offer 1% daily forever with automatic compounding every 24 hours (if you ever forget to withdraw). The most interesting thing about their site is you can withdraw your principal at any moment 24/7 without any fees. That is one brilliant feature and they have been with it for the past 1 year now. Their referral program is unique as one would earn 10% of their downlines daily interest. Suppose your downline has invested 100$, he gets 1$ daily interest and you would get 0.1$ (i.e. 10% of his interest).

They also have a blog wherin they post in their latest news and updates about what is happening in the background. Theyve not faced much problems in their 1 year run, but even if they face any issues, the admin comes to the rescue immediately. Its their staff who work like a clock and their payments are absolutely flawless.

They are hosted on a dedicated server and they often change their IP so that they can get a refresh from the attackers often. The script they use is also very unique and its a customized one which is an easy to lurk around. They claim to be doing some business by giving quick loans which is restricted to only the european countries out of which they claim to be charging an interest rate of 1.6% per day.

They have pre-launched the WOIP debit cards which could go online very soon and it can be seen in the respective backoffice of members. They have shown some good indications as they are paying since an year now and an interesting thing to be noted is that they have their domain name registered till the year 2011. All these points rather give positive vibes about a program which is always good. We always appreciate those programs which try hard to prove themselves and the industry certainly needs such programs very badly.

Anyhow, we advise you to have a look at this program, even though their ROI may not be that high, but once it starts earning, it gets along very well. So, WOIP is the review for today and we are trying to bring in an interview with them soon. Stay tuned till then as the week has just begun!

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