Updated: 10/23/2008 06:34
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Hi, I am Bobby Tzekin from PayPal merchant services team I am excited to let you know that we recently expanded our micropayments

Hi, I'm Bobby Tzekin from PayPal's merchant services team. I'm excited to let you know that we recently expanded our micropayments pricing, available to any member with a PayPal Business or Premier account. Micropayments fees for US dollar transactions are 5% + 5 cents per transaction. When compared to PayPal?s standard fees (2.9% + 30 cents), the micropayments rate can save money for merchants whose average selling price is below $12.

While micropayments is not new to PayPal, our micropayments pricing was previously available only to account holders in select countries. With this expansion, we are making it available to any PayPal Business or Premier account holder worldwide using any of PayPal?s 19 supported currencies. In addition, our micropayments pricing can be used with any of PayPal's payment products including Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro and for eBay sellers.

Micropayments is a great way for merchants selling products and services at a variety of price points, but as I mentioned, it's most effective for items below $12. Therefore, if you sell items at both higher and lower values than $12, we recommend having two accounts - one set up with micropayments pricing for items less than $12, and one with PayPal?s regular merchant rate.

To learn more about micropayments and to sign up, visit this new website (https://micropayments.paypal-labs.com/). We have launched it on our PayPal Labs website, which showcases new and experimental products from PayPal product teams.

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