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After lots of planning and hard working youve built your website and put it up online for the world to see. You keep your sales

After lots of planning and hard working youve built your website and put it up online for the world to see. You keep your sales information and many others exciting content to attract the customers. You have good graphics and many more design for the beautifulness of your site. So now you are just waiting for people to find your site and buy your products or services. But the trouble is that they cant discover you. They possibly will be looking for exactly what you offer to them but how do they know you are even there for servicing them?

So, after lots of hard work you made a website and now you need to do a lot for the recognition your site with search engine or the internet users. For doing it you may hire an expert SEO team to perform tactical key word analysis and link building. You may give thousands of money to have your optimization. You also can use uncountable hours with Web marketing advisors. Others, many do all of the above. But you can simply add a sitemap which can bring lots of prospect for your site like any of above.

What it is?
Before go much further, about it, lets define what a sitemap actually is. Strictly words, it is a graphical representation of the arrangement of your website. It shows how the pages are linked to one another. It is difficult to implement the representation how the pages are linked to one another, and if there are so many pages, may be even hard for a visitor to find useful. So, a sitemap is formed by listing all the links of all documents and files found in a website. These links are classically organized in a hierarchical style, thus improving readability. There are 2 different kinds of sitemap. One is an HTML page on your website that has links to all the other pages of your site. Visitors easily use this page to get various areas of information on your website. Another is XML format. This helps to listed all the pages on your site all along with other information applicable to the search engines such as the importance of various pages on your site and how often your pages are updated.

Main advantages of sitemap:

  • For great SEO rankings, sitemap is much needed tool.
  • A site map encourages more traffic.
  • Visitors will have an idea on what the contents are in your site in easier time.
  • A little bit possibility to left unvisited any pages of your site.
  • Advertisers will able to easily find best position themselves for advertising.
  • Using sitemap is good to have a structure of your website.

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