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1. Please introduce yourself and your program and tell us all about your own involvement with WMTFund What about the name What does that mean

1. Please introduce yourself and your program and tell us all about your own involvement with W-MTFund. What about the name? What does that mean?
Hello, my name is William Rivas, I am the CEO of W-MTFund and a Founding Member of MT Ltd., the offshore company behind our program. My job is to take all the fundamental decisions for the W-MTFund development, from the advertising strategy to the managenent of the financial flows and the business relationship with MT Ltd.

?W-MT? means ?Weekly Multi-Trade?. So, the name ?W-MTFund? indicates that this project is the online platform of MT Ltd., a company which trades on a weekly basis, applying the extreme business diversification that we describe on our website as ?Dynamic multi-trade strategy?.

2. Why do you start W-MTFund? When did you start W-MTFund? Are there others involved?
First of all let me explain why we founded MT Ltd.

I take part in a group of 12 European traders which, in 2003, decided to incorporate an offshore company in Nassau with two specific purposes: save on taxes and develop an investment

strategy in new business fields, alternative to stock market, independent of the global economy trends. This way we would have realized high profits and would have been out of the global economic crisis, which were already predictable. We were right and we have had success.

That said, W-MTFund is intended to become the biggest ?collective investor? of MT Ltd. To simplify matters, one can say that W-MTFund collects new capitals from thousand of small investors scattered on the Internet and then acts as a big investor, who entrusts money to a highly qualified trader: MT LTd. Therefore, W-MTFund is not directly involved in investment activity: it is an entity with wide autonomy, which is responsible for all the activities concerning the capital collection and the website management. For this purpose, out team is composed of 8 experts.

Please, bear in mind that W-MTFund started on March 2008, as private online platform for our VIP (off-line) investors: about 255 VIP investors joined this project. Then, on October 13th we opened to the public offering very low threshold: from $5 to $8.000.

3. How is your program different from the rest of the HYIP programs?
Weekly Payouts, Variability and Stability: those are the key-words.

We are clearly different since we are the only program which offers plans with weekly variable interest rates and manages a variable referral commission. W-MTFund is probably the only program where the investors don't have to be scared about changes, because ?variability? is the means to obtain the ?stability? and to protect their investments.

Interest and refcom fluctuations depend on the weekly trade results, but also on general and particular conditions of the online market, on our promotional strategy, etc.. As regards the payments, we believe that the ?week? is objectively the shorter payment cycle for any investment program backed by a real business.

How could we offer ?fixed? interest, since we cannot predict the future trend of our profits? We should close after a few negative weeks? How could we offer ?daily? interest, since an international bank wire, e.g. to buy/sell e-currency, takes at least 3-5 business days to be completed?

4. Tell us in detail about the investment plans offered by W-MTFund.
Well, our investment plans and ROI are explained in details in our website.

As you already know we only offers plans with weekly variable interest rates: so the first interest will be credited to the member's account exactly in 7 days after the deposit. Then the investor will be able to ask for the withdrawal. All the withdrawal requests are paid three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Our basic plan is ?W-MT Basic?: the minimum to invest is $5 and the maximum is $2.000. The weekly rate of interest is fluctuating between 5% and 21% weekly. Then, there are modifications of this plan which depend on the amount and which give the weekly interest of MT Basic plus a bonus: MT Standard (min. $2.001 - max. $4.000; MT Basic rate + 0.5%), MT Silver (min. $4.001 - max. $6.000; MT Basic rate + 1%) and MT Gold (min. $6.001 - max. $8.000; MT Basic rate + 2%).

As you can notice, there is a minimum weekly rate (5% for MT Basic, 5.5% for MT Standard, 6 for MT Silver and 7 for MT Gold) that we guarantee through our ?reserve fund?.

The investment duration is 26 weeks. Every investors can witdhraw their principal after 26 weeks (no fee) or before the investment period expires (12% fee and paid profits will be deducted).

5. What are the risks with your program? What is your backup plan if something went wrong with your program?
After the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers no one can say that an investment without risk really exists. I can only confirm that MT Ltd. is intended to resist to the heaviest economic crises and that W-MTFund has been projected to ensure the investors a stability without precedents among the high yield investment programs. If anything went wrong we could simply lower the weekly interest rate up to 5% for MT Basic. In addition, subscribing our user agreement, our clients authorize us to go below 5% in a few extraordinary cases: e.g. a heavy and continuous DDoS attack or a serious outage of LibertyReserve. Besides, we are completely free to change the referral commissions in a range from 2% to 12%.

6. Is your company officially registered? If you are registered, can you provide any document and track record?
Yes, MT Ltd. was registered in Nassau (Bahamas) in 2003. We can provide documents and tracking records according to our Privacy Policy (User Agreement 8.3). Our Privacy Policy has the purpose to prevent anyone acting in bad faith from filing specious complaints to public authorities, that way endangering our company and the investors' money. We believe that in the online market, which is non regulated, a simple ?Non Disclosure? agreement is completely inadequate. We must verify the identity of the applicant before disclosing our documents. 7. Can you tell us how you are re-investing investors' money? How are you generating the money to pay the dividends? How are you able to pay investors with consistent high payouts?
How I have specified before, W-MTFund is not directly involved in investment activity. MT Ltd. is our ?trader? and its activities are accurately described in our website.

MT Ltd. is mainly operating in forex trading, sports arbitrage betting, high-tech commodities and in a particular niche of the real estate sector (prefabs). Those business fields are alternative to stock market and ensure high yields independent of global economy trends. Even, in a period of economic crisis, the profitability of these markets could increase.

Certainly many traders work in these fields, but it is evident that our ?know-how? makes a difference. As regards Forex and sports arbitrage betting, our traders make use of the most advanced software. In the hi-tech and real estate fields, we can count on a consolidated and exclusive trade network. The fiscal benefits of the offshore jurisdiction are added to that.

8. Please tell us how you protect your site from DDOS attack as well as other security issues. Specifically what script, server and anti-hacking measures you are using.
Well, in my opinion, the first security measure is not to disclose any detail about this subject. Of course our website is hosted on a dedicated server and we are supplied with all the suitable protection tools. Also, we proceeded from the ?engine? of a commercial script in order to develop, with the consent of the producer, a completely customized script: it is working smoothly and our programmer made the right choice.

9. What about the payment processors you are accepting at the moment? Will you be adding more at some point in the near future?
We accept LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. At present, we are not planning to add more payment processors.

10. What kind of customer support do you offer? How do you manage the work of your support services? Do you have a contact phone number and physical office?
We manage an advanced email support: every email sent to our main address (admin@w-mtfund.com) is automatically classified and sorted by sender, object and content. In the meantime our autoresponders supply the information about the time of reply or about the procedure concerning special types of requests. This is a simple but very effective method.

The investors can also contact us via support form, fax (242-502-8741 or 206-222-2337) or Live support. While the email and fax support is active everyday 24/24, our Live support (available only for members after they have logged into their accounts) is usually active from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am GMT.

We are planning to activate, if needed, a phone support for members investing in MT Silver and MT Gold.

Yes, we have a physical office in Nassau. This is the place where all our financial flows converge in order to take advantage of the fiscal benefits of the offshore jurisdiction, where we call our quarterly meeting and we pay our dividends. But we mainly operate online from our Countries of origin.

11. How do you view the development of W-MTFund to date? What about the future of the program? Which is tour advertising strategy? How do you plan to make your program stable for a long time?
W-MTFund opened to the public on October 13th and I am very satisfied with the developement of the project so far. Investors have immediately understood the advantages and the potentialities of our program and have started supporting us from the beginning. This is really exciting: thanks to all of you!

About our advertising campaign, the first month has been dedicated to the ?big public?. This month we will mostly concentrate on ?quality?. Since the whole hyip market and its advertising system is targeted at programs paying fixed interest on a daily basis, our advertising campaign will be constantly adapted in order to achieve the right balance between quality and quantity, a steady and balanced growth.

Also, due to the success of our first contest ?W-MT LEAGUE?, we will keep on giving a part of our advertising budget directly to our members, through the organization of new contests and other initiatives. I personally consider that the ?word of mouth? advertising is the most powerful system to promote a first-rate program as W-MTFund, based on weekly payouts, and I am convinced that investors have to be rewarded for their promotional activity.

As for the immediate future, I can reasonably expect that W-MTFund will have a moment of especially intense development on January 2009, when investors will see that we are online as always after the Christmas holidays. I can announce that during the holidays MT Ltd. will stop for about 10 days and that, therefore, W-MTFund will have to fix the interest rate to the minimum. However, the referral commission will be very high and enticing.

12. If you have the opportunity to say anything you like to my readers about your program and why they will benefit by joining, what would it be?
Just thanks for reading this long interview. I believe that now your readers have many elements to decide.

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