Updated: 11/30/2008 19:30
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The admin Enrique has been very responsive to members needs so far and I am planning to hold an interview with him very soon. The only

The admin Enrique has been very responsive to members` needs so far and I`m planning to hold an interview with him very soon. The only thing he`s asking of the members of SurfPal is don`t ask the questions that are already listed in the FAQ. For example, despite there being one plan with daily payouts (9% for 13 days) you will not get paid in just a matter of hours but rather wait for around 1 to 3 days before your withdrawal request reaches your e-currency account. I know that Enrique is trying to pay everybody within 24 hours after a request is made but remember that daily payouts are quite a time-consuming process so don`t get mad if you have to wait for a couple of days. Here is the latest update from the admin of SurfPal: Due to overwhelming request to approve sites soon after being submitted and a few complaints of sites being removed with no credits I have made 2 changes. First - Members must now approve their own sites. To do this go to my sites. Click the link that says confirm site, wait for the timer to count down and say go, then click confirm site.

Second - sites with no credits will no longer be removed unless needed for maintenance.

With this changes in effect members will be also responsible to use the proper abuse report. To do this you will go to history then surf history. You will see your FULL list of sites viewed.

If your surfing breaks frame go here and the last site listed is the one that broke the frame. Sites are listed here as soon as pulled from the database to show you.

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