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By the way, did you notice the new program PrivateOffshoreCapital in my Top Recommended It is a mixture of HYIP and autosurf built on Neversay script

By the way, did you notice the new program PrivateOffshoreCapital ( in my Top Recommended? It?s a mixture of HYIP and autosurf built on Neversay script. PrivateOffshoreCapital has an eye-catching design and hosted on a decicated and DdoS-protected server. There are two main plans: one involves surfing and the other one is a simple passive HYIP plan.

For the autosurf plan you will get paid 4% daily for 12 days and the principal will be returned back to you on expiry (so you will get 148% including principal). For the investment plan you don?t need to do anything and you will be paid 3% for 16 days and the principal back (so you will get the same 148% but for a slightly longer term). The program is run by an admin who has been preparing his program for at least 3 weeks because I heard about the PrivateOffshoreCapital idea a long time before its official launch. From my conversations with the admin I found out that his intention is to run his program successfully for at least several months. Unfortunately, there is a small drawback - only LibertyReserve is accepted at the moment and I?m not sure if the list of payment processors accepted by them will be extended in the near future. The main advantage of the program is that you can make your withdrawal requests daily just like in regular HYIPs and so far the payments were processed very fast.

The admin is also available on MMG forum to answer all your questions. I will review PrivateOffshoreCapital really soon on my blog but even now I can see its enormous potential to grow. There are more than 100 members that joined the program already after only one day online. See you tomorrow, guys, and have a nice weekend ahead!

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