Updated: 12/24/2008 10:41
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Are you familiar with Brring? Brring was very popular and promoted strongly about a year ago. Brring was a way to use your telephone to make you money.

You would sign up at Brring and get a Brring telephone number. This telephone number would forward to any other number you chose: home, cell, office. You would then give out your Brring number.

When someone called your Brring number, the caller would hear a short ad, the call would be forwarded through to you and you would make money.

This worked really well for a few short months. Users would cash out ($15 minimum) and receive their check in a timely fashion. Then it got longer and longer before a check was received. First it was weeks. And now it is months. I'm still waiting for a check that I cashed out for in July 2008.

Sure I've emailed them and received very polite emails in return that they know they are behind in payments and are working on it. Sorry, guys. I now consider this program a scam!

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