Updated: 01/13/2009 03:02
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Hey there everyone, When you log into your members page and hit earn cash points you will now see a PAID TO SIGNUP section.

Hey there everyone, When you log into your members page and hit "earn cash/points" you will now see a PAID TO SIGNUP section. I had this running before and so many members could not follow the rules, that I simply removed it! That was due to the fact of being over ran with members from China that could not read any English, as time has passed and I have removed over 3,000 members (those of you that have been here for a while remember this) Well alot of them were deleted from inactivity, and hundreds of them were caught hitting cheat links over and over, and clicking on the little special ads I ran that said


LOL< remember those? LOL Well it help me weed out over 3,000 bad members!
Well if you notice the site is steadily growing and I know for a fact that the member base we have now is a great one! Very active, willing to spend a little on the site, and most important.. can read ENGLISH! LOL

SO anyway, please take advantage of the new section. The paid to sign up section, I have taken a few ads this week to go in there, plus there are still some that were running before, but most of them pay you anywhere from 2 cents up to 10 cents to sign up for a referrals site! Alot of them are paying 10 cents, so take advantage of this! Sign up, help out your fellow members, they are paying you to help them! So why not!

Thanks everyone, Welcome to the newest members,

Have a great night.

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