Updated: 01/22/2009 12:46
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I like to classify and categorize all things, that`s why I easily have noticed that received spam can be subdivided on a few brightly expressed categories. The first category - is a usual spam. The millions of people in the whole world get this spam, independently of their sex, religion and professional activity. The second category is a spam, which I would name as the "profile" spam.

The profile spam is sending to e-mails, which are showed up in this or that sphere. If you are related with building and move in the virtual world of building, I`m sure that you receive the spam about building. The doctors receive the spam for doctors and the investors ....investment spam.

If in some another sphere for the staff promoting or for the seller of this staff it`s the irrefragable variant to the letters context, but in the investment sphere it`s not the last variant. Point is that we are virtual investors, and we are representing ourselves as the most active e-money users! That`s right.

We have WebMoney, Liberty Reserve or VISA and PayPal accounts. That`s why when we receive the dvertisement of some program, especially we receive lots of spam mails, and the aim of this spam is to get an access to our money. Next time when you will check your e-mail box and categorize your spam, do not forget, that the professional investors` spam is the harmful and dangerous spam.

Watch out!


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