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Dear members, Good day to all of you This is a VERY IMPORTANT email and I want you to read this in its entirety. We celebrated our 5th month

Dear members, Good day to all of you! This is a VERY IMPORTANT email and I want you to read this in it's entirety. We celebrated our 5th month anniversary yesterday and I want to thank you all for the support you have shown me throughout these past five months. Know that in the coming months I have nothing but great intentions for this program and I will do my best to keep it that way. With that said, I have some GREAT NEWS for all of you. What I'm about to announce is truly a FIRST in this industry! I cannot think of any other programs who've done this before. Well, here it is:

'MERGER' - Both Aggero Investment (AI) and Premium Ads Club (PAC) are merging to a certain extent. Allow me to explain. I and the two PAC admins, Karen and Aisha, will be combining our resources to run both programs (and Scotia Ads), all three of us within different capacities. The PAC admins will be handling most of the admin duties and I will be handling support as always, as well as the future exchanger project.

I truly view this merger as a positive move forward for Aggero and you, our members. I'm hoping that all of you trust my judgment and know that I only want good things for this program. This will serve to strengthen both programs as resources can now be shared for the common good of both memberships and I know that in the near future you'll begin to see all of the benefits this will bring to you. The possibilities of earnings here are endless and the future is bright.

Both AI and PAC will remain separate entities. You will still log-in to your AI account as always. All changes will happen in the background so you do not have to worry about any changes to how interface or utilize the AI site. If there's going to be any changes that will involve/affect you, the members, then you will hear from us directly. You might receive news about PAC once in a while, even if you are not a member there, especially if it affects you as a member of AI.

As a reminder, I've been heavily promoting PAC for a long time now and this was based on my relationship with them and the knowledge that they're a stable and powerful company. When I said that I look forward when I plan, I really mean it as it's important in any business to continue to focus on the future while maintaining a well balanced company in the present. When I had told you in the past to THINK POSITIVE, I cannot emphasize that enough at this moment with this merger. I see many positive benefits to this merger and see absolutely no negatives both from a company and a membership standpoint. This might have come as a little bit of a shock, but I know that you'll very quickly see the big picture we have planned for both programs. You can now sleep well at night knowing that your hard-earned money is HERE TO STAY and EARNING without any worries.

Thank you all! The future is NOW!

Roger C

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