Updated: 03/13/2009 23:53
Hyip Monitor

Recently our editors have received a warning about the "13 daily pro" program, but it needs some work.We are checking and investigating it. It will be published a little bit later. Now we are warning about GPT program: "palm research in Australia not full filling what they promise!!!!!!!2 surveys a day !!!!I haven`t received one yet!!!!!!!" - looks very professional, works good. There are no complaints and negative responses. If the administrator of the program will see this message, we recommend to contact for publication the disclaimer.

In this case, we are talking about one reader who is dissatisfied of the program`s work. He has a right on this petition. Unfortunately he doesn`t show any proves and reasons for his charge, but we can make a conclusion that everything is not so easy with Palm Research as it looks. It`s really so, that in GPT programs you can get everything at once. You will not earn a lot there - but there are too much work. You should be ready for it. Fortunatelly, GPTs are paying frequently, than HYIPs, but the risk is lower. But the income is not so big.

You should be ready for it.
If not - our pages are open for your messages. You can send you complaints, charges and finds, it will be published on our pages with our comments, advices and investigations. You can use a site`s form in the bottom of the site.


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