Updated: 03/22/2009 23:18
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Another good autosurf program has to close today. It’s CrazyCashSurf . I have to say kudos to the admin though for being straightforward...

Another good autosurf program has to close today. It’s CrazyCashSurf. I have to say kudos to the admin though for being straightforward regarding the real status of the program and for paying till the end. The admin of CrazyCashSurf promised that all the upgrades made today would be refunded as well. The program continued for 5 weeks and paid without any issues all this time. Unfortunately hit-n-runners were blamed for the demise of the program as usual:

It is with deep sadness that we must announce the closure of CCS today.
As you know, we have managed to stay active and paying for 36 days, which in these volatile times is unusual; but though we tried our very best to make CCS into a longterm surf, due to the continuing downslide of the economy, many members were unable to upgrade again after payouts, and we have found ourselves more and more making cashouts out of our own pockets.
Today we made final payments from all our processor accounts and these are now emptied again. We have no choice but to close. Any upgrades made today will be refunded.
We thank you for the many encouraging emails we have received from you, and sincerely wish we could have lasted longer. Please believe us when we say that we did all we could to help CCS survive.

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