Updated: 05/29/2009 22:07
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Yesterday one more investment projects ruined the hopes of their investors. Started on April 23, 2009 GearsOfProfits offered 3 investment plans: 103% after 1 day, 108% after 2 days, and 114% after 3 days. Program worked with such online payment systems as LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EvoWallet.

Probably, not wishing to be cursed and blacklisted as a scam the admin of this investment project has posted on its site the following announcement:

"New registrations has been disabled. Accepting of new deposits has been disabled. Dear valued members,

We decided to close the GearsOfProfit project. We can’t keep constant payouts flow, because a lot of old members withdraw all of their deposits and go away. We can’t earn profit for active deposits on time. You must understand that the high ROI is a high risk too. We know that words can’t excuse us, but we haven’t choice in this situation.

What else? Tomorrow we start to build refund list. This list will be published on the main page of the GearsOfProfit site and on the GearsOfProfit blog.”

At least it was sincere…


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