Updated: 06/11/2009 21:07
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I was always wondering about the programs which are using three letters in their name: G,C,I. Probably, I'm so uneducated and I don't know what it is. Maybe the administrators don't know either, but it seems that these three letters are meaning nothing of what is related to investing. Unless they are related to: group, capital, investments. In this case it makes a sense. But it's not the first or second time when I meat the programs (often SCAM) which are using them actively. This time we have GCI invest. Check this out.

GCI invest is SCAM.
i am not receiving my payout for LR Batch #=16001007

Have checked the site - nothing good.
Have written to administrator, we are waiting for the answer.
Be aware. Probably we will not receive the answer.

P.S. Perhaps, GCI is a allusion to GCI Financial, international commercial agency? Dreamers.

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