Updated: 07/23/2009 19:04
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This old scam investment game program which called arthurcapital came back since nine days ago with three new plans which are 3% - 6% hourly for 48 hours, 30% - 37% daily for 5 days, and 160% after 3 days.

Previously, this program was first launched on January 4th and offered two types of plans which were 8% daily for 200 days and 110% after 1 hour. And this program has turned to scam when it stopped paid to everybody after a week of operation.

When this program was running in January, the admin played dirty scam trick when he had registered multiple nicknames and hired some fake posters to cheerlead his program’s threads on investment game program related public forum. Therefore, there is a big possibility that this scammer will repeat the same scam thing.


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