Updated: 07/28/2009 17:16
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RoxiTrade - is a German project. They have appeared in this year and they are offering financial management services. At the same time both in the individual and institution. Thanks to the low overhead expenses and high effectiveness of the work, it's possible to create the deposit starting from $10 (!). At the same time the percent of the payments is really high: 3% daily, during 50 days. It gives 150% of the principal back. So it's clear that your principal deposit is included in payouts.

It's important to pay your attention on the fact that RoxiTrade is paying only in the business days, except bank holidays and state holidays. At the same, the state holidays means the holidays of the all countries. With the holidays the program in 50 days looks like a project for 70 days, and with holidays it will be equal to 85 days. But as you see we have invested in them by ourselves, that's why we consider that it can be profitable in any case.

There are not much of payment systems connected to this project. It is typical for RoxiTrade. One plan - three ways of the paying: PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve and StrictPay. Of course there are also possibility to pay through bank, but you have to give your documents in English for it. I'm not sure if it's worth of it, but in the presence of a such possibility positively characterizes the project. +1 score to the RoxiTrade.

In general everything is on a quite high level. They have good hosting, qualitative protection and stylish design. We hope that soon we will have a chance to come back to viewing the RoxiTrade and research it more detailed.

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