Updated: 08/11/2009 23:42
Hyip Monitor

Yesterday one of our readers, has sent us very emotional message: "BE WARNING WWW.ENSCO-OFSHORE.COM THEY STOP PAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The www.ensco-ofshore.com site was empty, but working. That is, technically the ping gives the result OKAY, but when you are entering the address in the address bar you are getting empty page. Than we have decided to check ENSCO-Offshore program. It's site is working good, everything is good on the boards. Provocation? Black PR?

We have pointed that we have warning about ensco-offshore on the forums. But we hope that it's false. Now we are trying to contact the administration that to obtain more specific information about the problems.

Unfortunately, our WARNING SYSTEM is often using rashly. In this case we can't ask about any proves or specification. If the author of the message is reading this news, I hope he will comment and add the information. Maybe, it was about the fake in the form of ensco-ofshore. We also hope that we will hear the administration. Than everything will be in it's place.

UPDATE. The official answer from Ensco-Offshore is received. They are really have small problems: The letter send to inform due to error of our database still error, all payment will be pending 12-24 hours,we have experienced internal server error now our webmaster admin working hard to fix all database. Payment withdraw will be process 12-24 hours. Kindly patient and thank you for your attention, we are sorry for all inconvenience.

It's strange that our readers has told nothing about the letter, if there was such letter anyway. It's strange, at the same time, why on forums (TalkgGold & MoneyMakerGorup) everybody are writing about received payments. It's also strange why the monitoring sites have the same status, paying. We are not talking that Ensco-Offshore deserve to get NOT PAYING status or put them in the black list. But till that time when the investors will believe those, who don't want to work according to the modern demands, high requirements of the efficiency and flexibility, they will keep on loosing. Stay with HyipNews.com

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