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AggeroInvestment is already an established program and the admin Roger is paying members daily and consistently Unfortunately, downtimes sometimes happen

AggeroInvestment is already an established program and the admin Roger (read my interview with him here) is paying members daily and consistently. Unfortunately, downtimes sometimes happen but we cant blame the admin for that but rather his hosting provider. At the moment of writing you can see AggeroInvestment down and this message on the site:

AggeroInvestment site is under construction. We are currently trying to rebuild the site from where we left off. Please be patient an let us work to put our site up asap. I will send a mass email as soon as the site is ready. Please do not send any more tickets and just read the updates at the forums. Thank you.

Theres nothing to worry about in my opinion as Roger has already announced a surfing holiday for those who were unable to surf, so you will get your 8.5% regardless of whether you surfed or not. Here is the latest update from the admin of AggeroInvestment published on main forums:

The hosting service told me that they were able to backup the complete database before it completely conked out. That means we did not lose any transactions and we can re-start where we left off. Thats the good news. The (not so) bad news is they werent able to backup the home directory therefore they cannot rebuild the site. This is where my programmer comes in as he has all the backup and can easily restore the site. The problem is he wont be back until Sunday morning as he is out with his family this Saturday. I managed to contact him thru email but he doesnt have his laptop with him right now and cant do anything until he gets back tonight.

I deeply apologize and I ask you not to worry, I will be here updating you with whats going on as I know more, and will be compensating all of you should you miss surfing due to this unfortunate event. I am still in contact with our hosting service and trying to figure out other ways to put the site back up.
Thank you for your continued patience.

I hope AggeroInvestment will be up and running again very soon. As you know the admin has great plans for the future which he described in his regular weekly Fri update:

I hope everybodys having a wonderful day so far! Its Friday again and time for another newsletter. I wont be taking much of your time today as theres not much to tell, only stuff about our 5TH MONTH ANNIVERSARY celebration. Ha! You forgot! Yes, on Tuesday, January 27th, we are celebrating our 5th month anniversary online! How time flies when you are having fun, right? Well, at least thats how I feel while running this program.

1st- To celebrate our anniversary, some old contests will be revived but we are going to tweak them a little. I will send a separate update about this on Monday, so watch out for it.

2nd- Account deletions will commence on Feb. 1st. I extended this date because of the many requests I received asking for more time for people to fund their accounts. Account deletions will only occur to members that have an ID# below 3500 and who havent purchased an adpack AT LEAST once. So if you are a free member who had upgraded at one time during your membership then you are safe.

3rd- On Tuesday, January 27th, I will be running a new cheaters script to detect any accounts that have the SAME IP address and that are REFERRALS OF EACH OTHER. This script will automatically disable these account/s. If you do have referred accounts from the same IP address, you have until Monday to submit a support ticket notifying us of this mistake. A new category in our support ticket system is created for this specific issue. The title for this section is called Accounts with same IP. Assuming your account/s are disabled, you will no longer receive daily compensation until which time I enable your account.

4th- Lastly, I want to welcome all our new members again. I suggest you start reading as much as you can to learn how to maximize your earnings and the other benefits that Aggero offers to our members. I suggest that you start with the FAQ section and the HELP section found in your members area.

I wish you and your family a beautiful and safe weekend ahead!

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