Updated: 06/24/2009 20:53
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Yesterday, with a little delay we have published official part of the news about PanaMoney and that they may have access problems.

Yesterday, with a little delay we have published official part of the news about PanaMoney and that they may have access problems. It was concerned with changing some equipment of their provider, which had the aim of protection the site of company from DDoS attacks, which are so wide spread in the sphere of the high yield investing. Today we have tried to contact the administration of the company, that find out, how have done the technical work and were they finished or not. As soon as we receive the answer, we will publish it.

Now I would like to share a few my ideas. First of all about that how qualified and in series is developing PanaMoney. This is one of the best projects in this year, and it's better to say - for the last five years. Why? Because they are stable and methodical. They are informing their clients, taking care about security of their deposits and... paying.

There are projects, which are paying even longer than PanaMoney. But with their policy of the closed information doors they just acting themselves uncivilized. Even for a such sphere like the high yield investing. In the sphere of the information, PanaMoney could be a good example.

The second idea is dealing with the fact of "re-equipment" by itself. It's not a secret for anybody that any successful company in the HYIP sphere (even it's not a HYIP or doesn't consider itself as it)accepted method of competitive struggle is DDos attack. The summer is coming, and this is the zenith of the year - the number of investors for residuary is less than usually. And those who will use dishonest methods of fight, especially DDoS, will try to snatch away these investors from everybody who can ofer attractive abilities for these investors. Genius Funds, NanoMoney, PanaMoney, all these titans will be under the menace of fresh soldiers - programs, which have appeared recently, but trying to take a leadership.

In this case the step of PanaMoney administration looks right and timely. Other "the aged" also should take care of their security. As soon as possible. Or in another case till autumn we will find that someone is missing.

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