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Let's get back to the survey of information that appeared on Friday, on the weekend and on Monday. Meaning at the end of last week the beginning of...

Let's get back to the survey of information that appeared on Friday, on the weekend and on Monday. Meaning at the end of last week - the beginning of this week. Of course we want to start with new programs, which have been added to well-known monitors, have been reviewed, interviewed or anything else that will help attract investors to these projects happened.

Openings. The project called ProfitEu (profiteu.com), the address of which is very doubtful (read about it here: The Location of Profiteu) was covered in review published late last week. The project AvatarSurf (avatarsurf.com) which uses the idea of famous movie Avatar has become available for deposits. It is based on the idea of advertising like GPT. Vetco Gray (vetcogray.biz) continues gaining momentum and has been reviewed twice over the past four days. One review of TopArb (toparb.com) and one of ECashBroker (ecashbroker.com) have also been published.

Despite the abundance of warnings and dangerous events, there have been just a few actual closures. The closure of RoboticInvest (robotic-invest.com) was expected and not surprising. The closure of PawnShopFund (pawnshop-fund.com) was unpleasant but did not attract much attention (probably because the project failed to gain popularity). Flinexa (flinexa.com) was also closed and their site is inaccessible.

Be careful.
The site of AVFinance (AVFinance.com) is still available. This program was even reviewed late last week despite the fact that they pay selectively. It is possible that they want to come back and continue but for now this tactic seems to be the one of those used by fraudsters. Be careful and warn your friends and acquaintances involved in online investing.

Many investors use AlertPay and many HYIPs accept it for payment. At the end of last week AlertPay finally launched its own Debit card. Another significant news related to electronic currency was downtime on LibertyReserve which was supposed to last for four hours but lasted for much longer.

Due to the above-mentioned partial inaccessibility of LR, some programs had difficulties with payments. For example, GWDConline (gwdconline.com) had them. Nothing awful happened but investors got their profits on Sunday. CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) has enabled daily automatic payments on request. GloTrade (glo-trade.com) added payment processor called AlertPay. TerraProfits (terra-profits.com) has introduced PIN-code system, which you need to activate in the edit profile section. This was done in order to provide more safety.

HYIP Forums. The information that ey-profit.com is dangerous was posted on forums. You can make sure that it is true by checking statuses and ratings of this project. It is really dangerous.

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