Updated: 08/11/2009 16:02
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We have found the new innovation of the popular project OnisGroup. It was the first company which has decided to fight against spam

We have found the new innovation of the popular project OnisGroup. It was the first company in our memory which has decided to fight against the spam! In any case, has made the decision, which certainly will make lose interest in spamming in the name of OnisGroup company and try to built the downline. The method is very simple, we have told you about it many times: give us the link which you have received in the spam letter and the account will be banned!

All genius things are simple. Lots of the projects would be able to save us from thousands of the spam - letters, which are receiving every day. But they do nothing. Moreover, often they are taking a part in spamming and act like the spammers. In this case OnisGroup has made us happy for a while. We hope that this undertaking will be supported by other companies.

Yes, we are offering you this. You can publish this news on your site and we will publish it on the our. It will make a positive influence on your reputation. By the way tomorrow will be published your review. Now we have one more interview in our news-line. Are you ready to answer our questions? It seems to me that we are making a good job. Our people are already working on the forums, the news with your participation are publishing regularly. I hope you are satisfied with our work and you will prolong the term of our cooperation for a month more ( the term is coming to the end on the 15th date)

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