Updated: 08/25/2009 23:06
Hyip Monitor

We, the AIM TRUST, do not accept SPAM as a method of getting visitors and referrals. This relates to any our web site, forum, or anything else in present and in the future.

We prohibit any reference of our title or our name as a subject or a technology in the context of any advertisement or ad technology in relation to unsolicited advertising methods. Every spammer will be logged off and reported to officials as soon as we notice the described above activity.

Today, our company has received a bulk of complaints describing activities of one "smart" referrer. We swiftly engaged an investigation and found him. He has been fined. He lost all referral commissions and US$1000 more which go to partially cover remunerations of our lawyers.

Dear promoters, web-masters and referrers!

Please think twice before letting your dreams wander by devious paths..

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