Updated: 08/25/2009 04:40
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Not everyone knows that the star of the outgoing summer is BestInv. Super-fast, super-high yield project, which is paying more than a month, at the same time it's paying every 5 days (!). Good. It's already risky, but good. Yesterday, in her regular promising message, Olivia, the administrator, support service and ideologist of the project, has pointed the appearing of few programs with ending Inv in it's name. She's right...

Actually, there are appeared few projects on the market, which called StableInv, RealInv, and of course PlusInv. All of them are working with the principle of "fast principal back" looks like the same, only in their marketing they are more modest than BestInv. It's hard to tell, are they deliberate followers or it's just concatenation of circumstances. I don't even deny that these projects have the one "producer". It doesn't matter. It's important that ending Inv is not proving that you can rely on this project yet, as in it's time you could rely on BestInv.

The projects with a such kind of the principal back finally are not living for a long time, and this is incredible concatenation of circumstances and talent of the developers, that BestInv has been existed for a long time. Probably that now they will need extra sources of the income. But I doubt whether that at least the half of the NONAMEInv projects will last at least half a term (25 days) THAT'S WHY BE CAREFUL.

We will try within the next few days select the bet of a such projects to tell you about them and warn from evident danger. BE CAREFUL!


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