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Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor (HN): Those who are already familiar with your program know you as a spokesman of the program, who introduces it in forums. Please tell... (HN): Those who are already familiar with your program know you as a spokesman of the program, who introduces it in forums. Please tell us a few words about yourself and briefly introduce your team.
LMtMM: Hello, my name is Klaus Wisejahn, I was born 45 years ago, and grow up in Nuernberg (Germany) and become an expat, by moving a few months ago to Shanghai, now I am also setting up a base in Hong Kong, simply for Tax and Money reasons. In my team are 3 people who help me in promoting, and writing articles. My wife Kimberly Wisejahn, Stephen Mayers and Anthony Clark.
HN: It looks like some investors get a little confused while seeing your project for the first time. Please describe main sections of your project.
LMtMM: We have the Article section, where you can read, but also present us good articles, you can earn points this way. Where we come to the major idea of the program. It is based on a community kit, people should be able to talk and exchange each other, give each other tips, how to make money in the internet. Even so, it should be also fun, since I am a believer in when you have fun, you will make money. Love what you doing and enjoy making money. Last section is a Investment (profit Sharing section). People can invest, and earn money based on NUTs (one NUT equals $ 5.00). You can earn between 02.% and 1.5% here daily, mostly we reach around 1% per day in returns of advertisements and investments we do over the site. The Bear Plan is a fixed Investment option with a return of 20% every 2 weeks for a total of 16 weeks, so basically 8 payments. Principal is included and will not be returned.
HN: Your project is quite unusual for this sphere mainly because it combines functions of a community, magazine and investment offer. What function from those listed your team treats as the most important? What is the focus of your attention giving information, giving people opportunity to earn or making profit?
LMtMM: I see this site as a Community, who believes in making money online, and we share with our community. As more people coming and helping, the site and advertisement section will grow, so we all make more money. I say as a team, we can do more, and we should do all work together to make this a great success. So the most important section should be working as a team, and as a community. We do have a forum, we will have much more functions soon, and I am sure once people see how easy it is to make Points and trade it for NUTs, it will be a great success to all of us.
HN: Please tell us about your investment section. You offer people earn even without making a deposit. How does it work?
LMtMM: This is the Point section, you can make points by submitting your profile, by logging in, by clicking on banners, posting in the forum, send us a good article and much, much more. You should check our FAQ section to understand more, how to make money without investing.
HN: Why have you chosen a combination of daily and weekly plans? Does it somehow influence the program stability or is it just for giving investors a wider choice?
LMtMM: We have a daily plan (pays Monday-Friday) and a Plan what pays every 2 weeks, not weekly. Within 2 weeks, we have the change to get a better return for your investment, as you see we also invest your money, or trading with e-Toro. The daily plan is based on a total profit sharing of the site. So again 2 different investment opportunities based on 2 different income opportunities.
HN: You have said few times that you dont promise great income, but you promise a stable income for a long time. How are you going to provide a long working period?
LMtMM: It is the combination of real income, we do make money with the community, as more joining and promoting us, we will be able to make more money, with google adsense or our banner advertiser. Even so, also over the community itself. I try to write a nice article this weekend and explain a little better how this program can only be a success and nothing else.
HN: Can you please tell us a little about your investments? What are the main areas and whats your previous experience in investment sphere?
LMtMM: As said, the investments come over a few different aspects, one is profit sharing over everything done over our community, advertisements, PPC and a few things we are still installing. One is our investments and trading in some great opportunities in the internet, one is e-Toro what I can only recommend to everyone who did not join this great opportunity. Use the banner provided on our site, and you just make the community some extra income.
HN: Do you share your own experience in your articles section? What are the main topics for your writings?
LMtMM: We have many toppings, starting from health and traveling to finance, investing and even hyips. Just click on our sections, and I am sure you find something what is interesting for you, and if not, submit an article and we might publish it or even open a new section for you.
HN: How do you see an ideal community gathered around your project? Whats your target in this direction?
LMtMM: The ideal community is one what communicate, and share their ideas, I would like to have real investment tips and opportunities, reviews, maybe interviews, due diligence and much more in this community, everyone should help, together we can do so much more.
HN: Please tell us about legal side of your project. Where is your office based? Where is it registered?
LMtMM: We are registering an office now in Hong Kong, this will not be a walk in office, at least not for now. It's more for banking and legal aspects. Even so, we be quite open, as you see we even just installed a SSl certificate what you need to verify with company or private informations.
HN: It is not a secret that competitive struggle in HYIP world often means site attacks. How are you going to protect your site?
LMtMM: Basically even when a site is down a few hours or even a day, it not harms the program, since we do not pay to high returns, but sure it is not a great way to run a program. We do have the Standard DDoS protection coming from Hushhosting, what is a company who impressed us so far, since design and script were also provided by them. They also installed the SSL certificate, and I believe I see some big sites using them. So I feel confident that we are in safe hands.
HN: If you want to add something to what was said or tell something to our readers you are welcome. And thanks a lot for your time and answers.
LMtMM: I want to thank you all for reading this, and thank you Abby to doing this interview with me. Everyone is welcome to join, and I hope you will, it's free so what you waiting for?

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