Updated: 10/16/2009 13:07
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Lots of hyips are opening and closing in the order of the system. Sometimes their creators start in work few tens of similar projects, trying to capture sluggish investors not with quality but with number. One of the main features of a such networks is a similar handwriting of the creators. It's expressing in the sites design, in approach to their promoting and positioning.

Such features can be considered as negative and involve into projects, which have detected such features is not worth. By the way the most provoking of these features is advertising the one projects of the network on the another. If you see that one HYIP is advertising another, than it looks like the network of scammers.

Exactly in a such network of scam hyips was trapped one of our readers. Recently he has sent us a letter: 1.web fund forex forex 3.golden fund 4.Dolce invest Don't not touch any of these its all a SCAM they do not pay iv Emailed 20/30 times no reply it says they pay out on all HYIP sites but dont give your hard earned cash to these bastards they have riped me of for $1500

Some sites are still on-line and proceed working. For example, On the left site you can see that this site is promoting web fund forex ( This project is offering 600% of return after 1 hour...Not better and absurd then, they are offering 200% after 20 minutes...

We have to stay away from such kind of sites. In this case we can bravely warn from investing in, รจ Be sure , that they are scammers too. If you have any doubts ask We will give you an answer in any case and analyze your investing decision.
Be careful.


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