Updated: 11/13/2009 08:28
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This unique program goes on living. Living and arousing the minds of investors, administrators and all market participants. Here is, for instance, a message from one of our readers:

Oil Forex Trading is a "BIG SCAM" I made a deposit the amount of
US$150.00, from now and then they even don't pay me every US$ single
cent, after all the effort I gave to please and contact them about my
pending withdrawal.

Of course, it looks like everything is clear here. Black list, removing from monitors etc come to mind. But the program still pays! It pays monitors, it pays many investors. The first may be treated as bribe, the second – as selective payouts. But what should we do in this case?

We have provided maximum information to our readers. In the personal card of the program in our monitoring there is a warning that the program is dangerous. Besides, we regularly add program’s news to their cards. That’s why we hope that our visitors are careful enough to at least read these news. For instance, one more message from our readers should be added there: oil forex trading is not paid

However, there is one more mail to be added. "Yes sir i have received the withdrawal it was completed within 10 hours" – this is written by the investor who invested $10 in Oil Forex Trading. It is possible that the program pays minimum amounts only and does not pay for the amounts above $100. At the same time, it pays monitors. And it was added to Scam Listing at the forums long ago. We will contact other monitors and try to resolve it. Hope, that repeating messages about this program prevent investors from making mistakes.

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