Updated: 01/12/2010 03:00
Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor administration reports that script problems have successfully been resolved and the program continues working in a normal mode:

I would like to again thank everyone for their patience and understanding today. Today was the first day of the weekly dividends being paid and there was a slight glitch in the interest crediting. Originally I asked for this script to be made to pay on business days only but at the last minute I changed my mind to allow it to pay every day. Because of this deposits that were made on saturday and sunday (our first days online) had a one day extension added to them for some reason.
This has now been resolved and the first weekly interest payments have started and been credited to members accounts. If you were due an interest payment today and it hasnt shown up yet then it will appear tomorrow in your account.
So now that we have all of the little bugs work out its party time! Now everyone can enjoy the great earnings and fast payments without anymore hindrances! When using a custom script we are sometimes faced with things such as this but my programmer was able to get it fixed very quickly.
Last week was an excellent trading week and I expect the volume to fully return to the markets this week. Weekly Dividend has a very solid business model and in the months and years to come you will all see the power and the profitability behind what we are offering!

By Peter J. Allen,

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