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Hyip Monitor uses a system, which is quite different from usual HYIP service, so they have prepared a manual for those who are interested to try this opportunity:

To make aballong easier to understand I explain today why we allow only a maximum of 250 Members at a time and/or $45000 Pool invested in one pool at a time. This means we might not allow deposits at some point, or disable this function from time to time, if you are not able to invest, please wait until there is a new spot open. At the moment there is still some amounts we accept, so the pool is open as we speak.

What is soccer arbitrage?

An arbitrage situation is when bookmakers' values differ enough that they allow bettors to back all outcomes and still make a profit.

Don't the bookmakers know about this?

Yes they do! Bookies don't create arbitrage conditions with their own offers. You can't go to a single bookie and bet on all results without losing money. From a business perspective bookmaker are only interested in making money. An arbitrageur's bet is still a good bet since, in the long-run, the odds are still in the sportsbooks favor. There is a misconception about a bookie need to balance his book. It is believed that with a balanced book, the bookie can make a risk-free profit. This is true. But even if a book isn't balanced and a bookie is "short", and the bookie exposes himself to a possible loss, he still makes money in the long-run because of the overall diversification of all of his bets on all different games. But even taking this into consideration, some bookies may be opposed to clients making money from dealing with them, without incurring the risk. It is, therefore, important to take measures to disguise your activities and not make it obvious that you are an arbitrageur. This is why we are placing our bets on so many different bookies in the internet.

How we make soccer arbitrage work?

Martin must use at least two different bookies. Betting on all results at the same bookmaker won't work. You have to find at least two bookmakers whose prices differ and are high enough so that an arb is created. This used to be quite a challenge but there are so many bookies on the Internet now that we have more options of odds to choose from.

Do arbitrage opportunities REALLY exist?

Genuinely, the frequency with which arbitrage opportunities arise is relatively low, since each bookie is careful not to ride against the general tide of opinion regarding the estimating of a sporting event. Although advantages of a few percent are not uncommon, maybe only 1 book in a 100 or fewer are capable of yielding an arbitrage opportunity. Nevertheless, given the enormous number of soccer events around the world for fixed odds betting today, there is still a good number of sure bets to be found every single day. However, in view of the difficulties highlighted here, only the most dedicated arb-watcher will realistically be able to benefit repeatedly from arbitrage betting with a view to securing a regular income. We are happy to do the job for you.

So I hope to make you understand arbitrage situations easier, I also want to let you know, we do our daily research and calculations to make arbitrage work in our favor, but we can only bet a maximum of $45000 at the moment, once reached we will close the option. We might increase this option in a while, but for now this is the maximum amount we can accept, in the pool. We also have this as the maximum amount for a single person, but please send us an email before you place any deposit over $10000 so I can make sure to handle this amounts accordantly.

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