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Today we are reviewing a longterm program called FelixFunds (felixfunds.com). This program was launched on October 25, 2010 and has already drawn a...

Today we are reviewing a long-term program called FelixFunds (felixfunds.com). This program was launched on October 25, 2010 and has already drawn a lot of attention because of its original plans and other features which we will review here.

Investment Plans. There are four investment plans at FelixFunds.com, however it is basically one plan divided into four depending on the amount of investment. All plans have similar features - no expiration date, interest added on business days, daily withdrawals from Monday to Friday, principal returned on request with 15% withdrawal fee.

  • Felix 1 Plan: 1.2% daily. Minimum deposit is $1 and maximum is $100

Lets assume you invest $100 in this plan. Because the withdrawal fee is 15% no matter when you withdraw, the amount of your principal which you will get is $85. According to the terms of FelixFunds, you can withdraw your money whenever you wish even on the next day after making a deposit but Im sure you want to earn money and not to lose :) Therefore lets see when it will be profitable for you to withdraw your money. In case with this plan, you get 1.2%. You need to break even, therefore you need at least $16 which you will get after 14 days ($1.2*14= $16.8). As you can see, leaving the program earlier than 14 days is not profitable. Starting from day 14 you start making pure profit ($85+$16.8=$101.8). As you can see, it is not a lot therefore you need to stay in program in order to make more money.

  • Felix 2 Plan: 1.5% daily. Minimum deposit is $101 and maximum is $2,000
  • Felix 3 Plan: 1.8% daily. Minimum deposit is $2,001 and maximum is $5,000
  • Felix 4 Plan: 2.3% daily. Minimum deposit is $5,001 and maximum is not limited.

You can make the same calculations as I made above in order to figure out how much money you will make, keeping in mind that there is a 15% withdrawal fee in all plans and that interest is added only 5 days a week (on business days). There is even an investment calculator in the member area for your convenience, which will help you calculate your profit very quickly. I am sure it is clear that the longer you stay with the program - the more profit you will make. It is up to you how much you want to make and whether you are a risk-taker or not. In order to understand how reliable FelixFunds is, lets take a closer look at it.


UPDATE: A New Promo Plan has been introduced on November 30. The administration called it a Winter Holiday Plan and it offers 117% after 15 days (principle included, payment on expiry). This plan can be found in a member area.


Referral Program. For those who like making some extra money by participating in different affiliate programs, FelixFunds.com offers such an opportunity. You need to go to Become a Partner page where you will see detailed instructions on how to refer with the help of FelixFunds as well as programs banners (by the way according to the most recent update they were redesigned). The referral commission is 5.5%.

Payment Options. If you like the plans offered at FelixFunds.com, you can choose between three payment processors and make a deposit. They are PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve and AlertPay. It is a very good choice for a long-term program comparing to others of its kind.

General Website Features. The website looks very professional and businesslike. The script is unique and developed exclusively for FelixFunds.com. According to the latest update it has been recently implemented as promised replacing the previous one which was of a very high quality too. There is a shoutbox on the main page and in the member area. It has been recently introduced as well, replacing a chat in member area. In general, the website is informative and well-organized. The desire of the administration to improve their program is obvious and really appreciated.

Security Features. FelixFunds.com is hosted on a dedicated server with the highest Enterprise level of protection provided by BlackLotus. It is also SSL secured by Comodo which makes the website safe for investors.

Contact Methods. You can contact the representatives of the program by either filling out the form which can be found on Support page or via shoutbox on the main page (or in member area). The overall impression of the program is really good. FelixFunds.com has original plans which are available for anyone because the minimum deposit is just $1. There are no terms in plans therefore it is up to you for how long to stay with the program. The design and security of the website is on a high level. There is a shoutbox for investors to communicate with each other and with the support team of the program. FelixFunds.com is monitored by HYIPNews.com and can be found in our HYIP-list: http://www.hyipnews.com/hyip-monitor/1021/FelixFunds/

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