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What are the differences or, to be more specific, peculiarities of " Get Paid To Take Surveys "? First of all it is different in the way of getting...

What are the differences or, to be more specific, peculiarities of "Get Paid To Take Surveys"? First of all it is different in the way of getting profit. In case with Get Paid To Take Surveys (GPTTS) you get your profit by making reviews, comments, surveys about a product or service. It can be full and detailed opinion as well as just a comment. You can be included in certain focus group or you can be on your own.

If you`ve decided to start taking your paid surveys you have to register at one of the online paid surveys services. Sometimes they represent themselves as online focus groups. It is not difficult to find such sites. For example, you should surf or Almost all projects of this kind are divided according to the geographical position. The most frequent reason is that those who pay for reviews are interested in particular markets and particular groups of potential consumers.

The next step after finding and choosing the project which you want to take part in is registering there. Make sure you have a bank account or at least PayPal for receiving your earned money. You might also be asked to give your personal information. Therefore GPTTS projects should be carefully checked. We recommend reading the description of the service, work conditions and privacy policy. You should also find out about the mechanism of making payment and payouts.

Many GPTTS sites offer different bonuses and discounts (mostly as special coupons) as the way of payment. But the thing is that you can only use those coupons in some specified shops or some confined kinds of products. Therefore those projects that offer cash as a way of payment are much more appreciated. Cash earnings for taking surveys are usually from $1 to $100 for a review. The average price for one review is $5. But you should keep in mind that you have to spend at least half an hour on making review to get those five dollars. If it is required to give a simple opinion or to fill the questionnaire the payment is much lower. However it is considered that your profit for taking surveys online can be $500 a month in case if you work up to an hour a day.

You should also not forget about risks. First of all it is the risk of fraud. There are some advices to prevent it. Firstly, never invest your money and don`t buy anything from projects which represent themselves as GPTTS. Secondly, check payment ability of the company you are going to work for. If the minimum withdrawal is $5000, you will not get your money for a long time. If the withdrawal fee is 99%, you will not see your real earnings for a long time. There are a lot of such tricks and fraud in internet. Some Get Paid To take surveys projects offer up to $1000 profit a day. Yes, online earning. Yes, working at home earning. Obviously it is lie. Avoid such companies.

Anyway GPTTS is quite widespread and attractive way of making money online. Therefore those who wouldn`t mind getting some extra cash should definitely pay attention to it.

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