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Soon after disabling withdrawal requests ptvpartner.com administration informed members that withdrawal requests were enabled again: Withdraws have...

Soon after disabling withdrawal requests ptvpartner.com administration informed members that withdrawal requests were enabled again:

Withdraws have been re-enabled. Re-invests have been re-enabled. Auto-Reinvest has been re-enabled
We do still have some issues. And we like to solicit your participation in the solution.
Because we had to use a backup copy to restore the site, there are still some doubles posted in accounts. In order to solve this problem we are manually verifying each withdraw request.

Withdraw requests that have a double posted in their account will be paid¦IF¦. the balance in their withdraw account is sufficient to debit the overpayment. If not, then the requested withdraw will be cancelled and the overpayment removed.

Withdraw requests that, have a double payment posted in their account, also had or has a auto reinvest or a manual reinvest then the withdraw request will be paid and the reinvest will be cancelled and the adjustment will be made.

The simplest solution for us, is if you will simply leave the over payment in your withdraw account and we will debit it. Please create a support ticket ONLY IF you see an uncorrected double payment in your account. Please make the Subject of the support ticket ¦ Double Payment.

As you can imagine, this is a tedious process, but we can manage it with a little patience.
DO NOT attempt to withdraw the overpaid funds intentionally. Look at your accounts and determine what is right. All accounts will be verified anyway and your attempt will ONLY slow down the process and result in a cancellation of your request.

Missing Deposits.
Because the Database was restored from backup, New accounts created since the 2nd are having to be restored. But the deposits made to those new accounts are not going to be in them immediately. We will be manually crediting the deposits from ecurrency history. Again this is tedious, but we can manage again with a little patience.

DO NOT create a support ticket for this. It will be completely disregarded until all manual credits have been completed. This may take 48 to 72 more hours. When we complete the manual credits we will announce that we are completed. If at that time you still have a missing deposit, which I doubt, then you may submit a support ticket.

Regarding Support Tickets: Please DO NOT create more than one! Once the Support Ticket is ˜completed , Please DO NOT reply with thank you or even a #$%#%%&$&%*& you! We have too many tedious things to deal with and the cooperation here will be fantastically appreciated.

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