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Hyip Monitor is a long term HYIP which requires you to make a deposit once and then you can get your profit on a regular basis for as long... is a long term HYIP which requires you to make a deposit once and then you can get your profit on a regular basis for as long as the project operates. The general impression of the site is not quite good. It is not really user friendly and navigation is not very intelligible. There is a big list of languages you can choose to navigate the site, but in reality none of them is possible to choose. You click on French, for example, and get re-directed to the entrance page, to the same one you clicked on to enter the website. So in reality the only option is English. The security is good enough. The website is hosted on Staminus server and protected by Koddos.

There are three plans YingYangInvestment offers. Payments can not be made on weekends, only on business days, and the interest rate can be 1,2%, 1,4% or 1,6% per business day depending on the amount of your investment. Let`s take a closer look on them.

  • You can invest a minimum of $10 with the first plan and a maximum of $500. The interest rate which YingYangInvestment pays is 1,2% per business day which is 6% a week. You can withdraw your principal after 90 business days have passed. But you should keep in mind that all you earn after 84 business dayswill be pure profit, that is why you should think if you want to withdraw your money or make more.
  • The second plan will be good for you if you are willing to invest more. The minimum of investment is $501 and the maximum is $2000. The interest rate is 1,4% per business day which is 7% a week. The pure profit will be in 72 business days and again you can choose whether to withdraw your principal or not in 90 days.
  • The third plan which YingYangInvestment offers is the one which requires deposits in the range of $2001 and $10000 with 1,6% interest per business day and 8% a week. 63 days later you will start getting pure profit. And your principal may be withdrawn after 90 business days.

Well, the plans are quite clear and easy to understand. The only thing you might find inconvenient thinking about whether to invest or not is not a very big choice of payment processors. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are the only options for now. And it is not a very good start for a project that wants to become popular and be attractive for investors. On FAQ page though, they say it is only for now and that they might add more payment processors later. The other thing that is not quite clear is the period of processing your payment. It is impossible to find information about it on YingYangInvestment website.

The administration of the site proclaims their project as a long-term player in HYIP industry. We`ll see it later. And now it is up to you whether to invest in this project or not.


We are happy to inform that YingYangInvestment is in good progress. On April 21, 2010 we became aware that the problem with language selection we mentioned at the beginning of our review has been successfully solved. More details are in the following newsletter from YingYangInvestment:
Dear members,
There was a problem with the language selection and this is solved now.
Also we added as our monitor so members who join by using their service can enjoy a referral cash back of 80% now. I guess new members will like this.

Some of our members are asking to activate a compound mode. We will take a look into this first. And we might most likely activate it as many members can not buy new adpacks with their profits. Also a lot of members have asked to add more payment processors. We will also take a look into this as we need to be able to transfer funds towards our investments and back without any problems or to high losses etc. We will update you soon about this.
There is also a FAQ update: 'All payments will be processed within 2 business days'.
Have a great day!

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